Designing Your Apartment from Scratch? You May Need These Helpful Tricks!

Are you moving to your first apartment? Do you plan on designing everything or most of it from scratch? Decorating your apartment from the beginning might be challenging, especially if you live on a budget. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do.

simple open layout apartment

No matter how much saving you spare for the project, you can still have your dream apartment to live in. Better yet, the designing project won’t overwhelm you as long as you do it right.

small and cozy apartment

Without further ado, let’s check these helpful tricks to design your apartment from scratch!

The Entryway

minimalist and functional entryway

What you need for the entryway is a cabinet/narrow table/bench, a mirror, and a wall rack or wall hooks. The cabinet will act as a focal point as well as extra storage, whereas the mirror is useful to expand a small space. To organize jackets, backpacks, umbrellas, etc, add a wall rack or a series of wall hooks.

Living Room

living room apartment idea

If you live in a spacious apartment, you can place many stuff in the living room. However, if the size is rather small, you should focus on a few core elements, such as a (sectional) sofa, TV cabinets or bookcase, a coffee table, and wall art to liven up the space. You can exchange a coffee table with an ottoman if you want to save more space.

Dining Room / Kitchen

dining room cum kitchen

To make the most of your dining room/kitchen, you need a table and chairs as well as table runner. The table should be versatile to be used for other purposes like this counter table. It works as a kitchen island and dining table too. Meanwhile, a table runner can add a pop of color to your table.


a simple bedroom apartment design

What you need for the bedroom is a mattress, headboard, a pair of nightstand, and closet organization like hooks, shelving, boxes, or hanging organizer. These basic items can be a start to decorate your apartment.

one bedroom apartment design

To design your first apartment, it’s better to start from the basic first and keep everything at the minimum. Later, you can explore more ideas or style to remodel the apartment.