Dinning Set Interior Ideas for Contemporary Design

The wider space for placing your dinning set play an important thing, because the large space needs the particular design for decorating. This time, we have the wide space for dinning room in the current style. The thick brown modern type of dinning table, with the four center of their feet and the red brown chairs there. The grey dark wall decorate with rectangular pattern and the plain brown frames fill up the empty space are suitable with the grey carpet dinning set on the grey laminate wooden floor. While, there are many white rounded pendant lamp beautify the living space.

Brown Modern Large Dinning Set

The minimalist dinning room design require the right choosing of furniture and interior. The using of dark color theme for dinning interior is not a problem while you can brighten up the living space only use one furniture without takes any extra space. here, almost the whole dinning set are applied the dark color such as grey and dark green. The white dinning table absolutely suitable with the white bubbles pendant light up there that would give the beautiful reflection on the table. Then, the dark green color applied for the simple armchairs dinning set.

Luxurious Dark Theme Dinning Room

If you are having the trouble for designing your dinning room in your limited space apartment, here we are to show you how to arrange it. The essential thing about dinning room is the comfortably. Once you have it, no matter about the space or the design will be absolutely yours. This time, the dinning set only use the thick wooden table in long and narrow size that it could accommodate three people there. Then, the armchair is using the white clear color with the four feet of each on the white tile floor. To decorate your mini dinning room, you can use the two large rounded pendant lamp right above the dinning room.

Medium Dinning Room Design

Various Interior for Dinning Set Room

Monochrome color theme still be the favorite for most of the people for their housing interior color. Here, the dinning room coming with the black and white color for almost applied to all interior living space. the black color is applied for the armchairs with the rounded dinning table in white color. While, the fur rug there using the black color that suitable for the wall color painting there. Then, to neutralize the monochrome color theme, this living room using the grey light laminate wooden floor.

Monochrome Dinning Room Decor

When your dinning room become the addition part in your house, you still can have the dine space there beautifully. This kind of dinning room is using the small size and only takes a little space in your house. The square wooden table in small size only fit about four people. Then, the chairs are designed from the rattan as the material furniture with the single hanging lamp up there. The wooden floor is suitable to make this dinning room looks stunning even in small size.

Rattan Design for Dinning Set

Dinning Room Interior in Rich Design

For some people, dinning room is another private family space in the house after bedroom and bathroom. Here comes a way to design your dinning set with the personal style. The dinning room that have the close room divider for each side of the wall. The laminate wooden wall for one side give the match look for the dinning table. While the dinning table is in the long and large size that it have the dresser part at the edge. Then, at the other side the large two sliding window could give the enough lighting into the space. this wide dinning room have the red bold large curtain that functioning as the room divider.

Simple Look for Minimalist Dinning Room

In the wide and modern type of interior house not always using the large furniture to fill up the space. as you can see at the picture, the small square dinning table with the three stylish armchairs absolutely enough to complete your house interior. While, the using of laminate wood for flooring is enrich the end look there with the track lighting.

Small Black Square Dinning Table