Don’t Use These 4 Colors to Paint Your Bedroom, Says Color Experts

One of the most private areas in the home is a bedroom. This is the space where you spend most of your rest and private time in, flood the area with your personal touch, and most of all the space where you feel cozy.

cozy bedroom design ideas 1

It’s highly suggested to design your bedroom as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Hence you have to think beyond what bed sheet you should pick and what furniture to choose. You also have to consider what stuff you should avoid in designing a bedroom, one of them is color.

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Not any color is able to offer a sense of comfort and pleasantness in a bedroom. Therefore, color experts suggest to stay away from these 4 colors when you want to paint your bedroom:

Bright Green

Linda Hayslett from LH. Designs stated that any bright or neon colors in a bedroom won’t offer a serene space to relax. Even though you turn off the light, the pop up colors will still make a disturbing distraction.

bright green bedroom paint

Bright colors like bright green or yellow should be avoided if you want to have a good night sleep.


red colored bedroom design

The color red is the opposite of peaceful and calm which is something you need in a bedroom. The energetic vibe in red will bring an unpleasant sensation that you should avoid in the space, says Annie Sloan, a creator of Chalk Paint.

Saturated Color

saturated bedroom design idea

Hannah Yeo, Benjamin Moore Color and Design Expert, suggested to not using bright, saturated color in the bedroom. Such color will make you restless and create a sense of alertness.


color orange bedroom paint

Just like red or any other vibrant colors, orange won’t create a relaxing and comforting ambiance in your bedroom. Lisa Rickert, founder and creative director of Jolie Home, said instead of using orange, go with muted colors.

bright color bedroom design

So make sure you are not using these 4 colors to paint your bedroom walls in order to maintain a pleasant and cozy feeling in the space.