Dutch House Architecture with Alpine Noir Charlet Design

It could be said that this kind of residence belong to the cabin. The one that has the small, modern style with the minimal maintenance. This cabin built by Keystone Architecture. The main inspiration idea coming from the city of Amsterdam. There is an Ikea sectional sofa furniture with the floral motive looks from 17th century that painted by Dutch artist, Jan-Davidsz de Heem. The classy black fireplace with the large geometric windows suitable with the monochrome theme living room.

Cozy Attic Space with Graphic Decoration

Coming with the outdoor look. Here, the simple porch done with walls and diagonal roof that are made from wood in nature light color. the single swing chair from rattan furniture with red color beautify the corner. This ending look absolutely suitable for enjoying your free time at the outside.

Eye-Catcy in Simple Way for Porch House

Pine Trees with Alpine Dutch House Architecture

This cabin appear with the bedroom in aesthetic look in black and white colors. As you can see at the picture above, the floating nightstand beautify this bed in simple way. The striped bed cover with the dots pillows and abstract motive cushion complete this bed decoration. the white walls and black floor match with the gold lamps.

Floating Nightstand Bed in Monochrome

When kids room need more attention. This one are suitable for your children bedroom in one room. at the picture above, there are two bed that arranged in stack that framed in wood. While, the rest is framed in black metal such as holder and the ladder. The simple bed cover combine with motive pillow and the single lamps lean on the wall.

Kids Room in Minimalist Look

Another monochrome look appear in this kitchen design. the use of black color is for highlighting the furniture such as refrigerator, backsplash, stove, dinning table and twin pendant lamps. While, the white color beautify this kitchen look in minimalist way. The geometric large window still help the interior become stunning with the nature look.

Monochromatic Look for Kitchen and Dinning Space

Stunning Dutch House Look Alpine Noir Charlet

Take a look into the whole part of kitchen and living room. there is no certain room divider but the use of monochrome color as the divider. At the picture above, the black color is used to divide between the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen done in white color while the living room done in black color. in this way, the living space look so beautiful even only in monochrome theme.

Moody Floral Sofa Touch for Minimalist Decoration

This cabin show up with the pine trees around which three-storey cabin in average height. The use of navy color for the exterior cabin is suitable with the nature surrounding woodlands. While, the porch is eye-catching just like the tiny small outdoor house in fairy tale. At the picture above, the smooth structure of the exterior done with diagonal roof are the best combination.

Netherland House Architecture with Alpine Noir Charlet Design