Elegant Kitchen Interior with Contemporary Decoration

The whole housing part that play an important role is the presence of kitchen. The living space that could allow us to give the enough food and drink for everyday live. This time, decorating kitchen should be in right plan to do. the kitchen cabinet that using the different color theme for each furniture. The countertop and backsplash is using the dark grey matte color with the white color wall background painting. At the other side, we have the plywood kitchen cabinet in the middle of living space by applied the bright blue color. Then, the simple rounded flat pendant lamp with some spot light at the roof completed the decoration there.

Bright Blue and Plywood Kitchen Island in Fresh Look

Having the simple kitchen interior is useful to make your cooking activities more wider with free space. there, the kitchen only using the white color for the surface of the backsplash and the wall painting with the windows also in the same color. While for the backsplash, purely using the natural wooden color with medium brown. By this interior, you will feel the kitchen so comfortable with not many furniture there.

Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen with White Countertop and Wooden Backsplash

Awesome Kitchen Space for Modern and Impressive Interior

Designing your kitchen space is not always with the same tone color combination. This time, the kitchen are using several color such as green pastel, white, black and wooden color theme. The color that allows you to use other and perfectly matched is the using of white color as the background of your kitchen for roof, wall and floor. While, for the backsplash, countertop and floating desk are using the green color pastel. Then, the dinning set using the wood as the material while using black and wooden color.

Nordic Kitchen Cabinet with Green and White Stone Decor

The white color is not always that boring for apply to the living space interior. If you are applied for almost the whole space in white color paint, you can try to add the calm color to combine it. This time, the modern kitchen that designing with the rounded large backsplash kitchen cabinet. There, the surface is using the browny marble to beautify your white kitchen space. the white kitchen space would be perfectly touches with sunlight that coming from the large door at the other side which show the outdoor garden directly.

Rounded White Kitchen Design Look

Perfectly Kitchen Interior that Inspired You

Kitchen cabinet is not about the wide space that could accommodate all your kitchen tools there. The important thing is your kitchen absolutely comfort you while you were cooking activity. This time, the narrow space for kitchen cabinet is decorating in simple and classic look. The design that use the old style of single countertop with the black backsplash there.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design with Rustic Look

Here come as the current kitchen in minimalist look and simple color theme. The white color always win the game. By using that color, you can feel the luxurious yet comfortable and wider space. this kitchen is using the whole part of kitchen space by using the white color. The rest is only the table that use the dark grey brown natural wooden dinning table, so it looks clearly to see there. Then, to decorate your white kitchen, try to add the golden geometric pendant lamp there to add the stunning look in your kitchen space.

Simple White Kitchen Cabinet with Rough Wooden Table and Geometric Lamp

The different look for kitchen space could be done in vintage design. providing the fresh look for kitchen by using almost all part in there in golden brick and marble design. the wall is decorating by shaping half of circle that could let you have the vintage look there. The brick that build for wall kitchen. While for the kitchen cabinet, using the wooden backsplash and the middle side the backsplash using blue color. Then, up there the lighting is using the classic chandelier that shape like the wax and the fire with the addition of spot light at the roof.

Vintage Golden Kitchen Design