Extremely Excellent Design for Simple Bathroom Ideas

Designing your bathroom is much better to use the white as the color theme decoration. it is makes your bathroom looks wider and comfortable in bright, so your space is clean with the white sight there. Almost all furniture and interior bathroom using the white color. The touch of golden color for classic pendant lamps is absolutely stunning. Then, the simple square pattern grey tile for the floor makes your space suitable with the whites.

A Chich Vintage Bathroom with Golden Pendant Lamp and Standing Mirror

Now the bathroom design is stunning with the addition of the potted plants. There are some potted plants that hanging them up at the roof and some are placed below on the floor or small bench. There, the medium bathtub is using the random pieces of wood that functioning to put your bath things there. The large window beside the bathtub would let you feel the comfortable because of the good ventilation with the orange wood edge framed.

Boho Bathroom with Greenery Decor and Penny Tiles Idea

This time, the stunning pattern wallpaper for the decoration almost around the whole wall. While at the other side, the shower place is covered by using the glass transparent tempered that functioning as the door and wall. By using the dark laminate wooden floor, you can use the classic orange small carpet. The floating shelf also useful to put your things close to the closet.

Catchy Wallpaper Boho Bathroom in Current Look

Mesmerizing Bathroom Result Decoration

The grey dark color theme with white color is the perfect combination. The half painted dark grey color for upper side with the brick white wall for the down side makes your space looks stunning. The large window at center with white curtain is adorable with the mixing of golden faucet and clawfoot for the white bathtub. There the hexagonal pattern motive floor makes your bathroom eye-catching with the crystal pendant lamp.

Gold Touches and Artwork for Parisian Bathroom

Monochromatic decoration has been the favorite look for bathroom. The small pattern black tile floor always suitable with the classic clawfoot style. The purple dark curtain with the large door with windows are the perfect mixing. The using of classic crystal chandelier always mesmerizing with the picture frames at the wall.

Monochromatic Look Modern Bathroom with Clawfoot Bathtub with Crystal Pendant Lamp

Assorted Design Bathroom Look

Grennery decoration should be on your top list for decorating your bathroom. Here, come with the potted plants hanging up and put on the floor with the bench. The lights that combine with some chandelier are adorable with white grey color theme. This bathroom using the small grey carpet and diagonal roof bathroom design.

Oasist Look For Bathroom with Clawfoo Bathtub and Potted Greenery

Browny theme color could be use to decorating your bathroom by use for some things there. This kind of browny color theme is applied for many things in the bathroom. The bath space that using the white ceramic tile for all space bathtub and the wall design. there is a single picture framed lean on the wall with several potted plants and some chandelier there. The single piece of wood for put things on there. At the other side, the bamboo ladder lean on the wall for hang up your towels.

Simple Bathroom with Lights and Artwork Wooden Design