Eye-catching Look for Awesome Terrarium Design Furniture Ideas

In modern design ideas, furniture right now becoming increasingly into various object for decorate living space. One of them is kind of terrarium that require reptile of flower may be tree in one small glass shape. This one coming up with the pyramid shape to beautify your table and your living room look by using the tiny plants in.

Pyramid Shaped Design for Beautiful Terrarium Ideas

There are a lot of terrarium shape that using the various glass type. Hanging up terrarium with drop water shape look like is another way to give the decoration at your living space. The terrarium content is not always fake flower or dead reptile, but you can use the tiny plant there or some kind of grass type to fill the glass there.

Mini Hanging Terrarium Design for Wall Decoration

Assorted Way Shaping Terrarium with Furniture Design

Aesthetic Design for Window Open Decoration with Terrarium Ideas

If you want to fill your terrarium with the alive plant or the real plan, you can make the hole glass there to let them get some air and sun lighting close to the window. This decoration is beautiful if you want to hang them up at your dinning room. Various tiny plant or flower is suitable to make the fresh colors in your house.

Table Lamps with Terrarium Ideas Standing Design

Using terrarium doesn’t always only put them to add more decoration, but you can use it as the standing for table lamps at your bedroom. The use of terrarium here as standing lamp will increase the brightness of the light when the lamps is turned on. The terrarium will looks so shining and beautiful. You can use some old wood  to fill the glass shaped there.

Bedtime Lamps with Recent Terrarium Decor Look

Design terrarium is always fun when we want to make the new look of a furniture. This one is another look for using terrarium as well functioning as the table lamps also. The table lamps follows the shape of the terrarium that require the rounded shape.

Recent Terrarium Look for Wall Design

Wall Decoration by Terrarium Ideas Rounded Design

The new look for designing wall decoration is using terrarium ideas without using glass for its place. When you want to decorate wall, you can start with the excellent type of the container that you want to use. The rounded hanging up terrarium is coming with spread plant type and without cover. So, the container is functioning as the hanging place that no need for another strings.

Sweet Bubble Haning Wall Decor with Terrarium

When you are planing with the simple design of living room, coming up with terrarium as the addition furniture decor is the best idea. By giving the terrarium, your living room will look so much adorable and nice in the eyes. Hanging up mini terrarium with old gray wooden is suitable to decorate the wall into the finest look.