Fancy Wall Decoration for Interior Needs

Nowadays, people mostly decorate their living room based on the event that happen ahead. In order to give the extra decorative sense in your special event or moment. For example, the Christmas is the closest event, you can try to decorate the empty wall by using the things that associate with Christmas event. There, the white wall background are using the several things on the wall such as the letters of “joy”, fake head of deer in small white size, the sock, quote frame, countdown calendar and many more. The other things can put on the dark wooden dresser there.

Countdown Christmast with Bright Gallery Wall Decor

Another way to decorating your Christmas event is by add the decorative things hang up on your empty wall. Here come with the quotes framed, letters, iconic Christmas accessories, fake head of deer and so on. Your wall would looks so stunning because you can light up your event beautifully on your white wall background.

Decorative Wall Ideas with Christmas Iconic Accessories

White color decoration always be favorite for decorating living space. the color that could be easily blended perfectly with other color. This time, purely this white color decorating the empty wall with the smooth flower motive pattern behind the headboard at your bed there. This wall decor absolutely suitable with the white large curtain windows at the other side. The laminate wooden floor is absolutely match with the luxurious large white bed there.

Elegant Wallpaper with Metallic Floral Print

Decorating Wall Design in Current Concept

Decorating wall not always hanging up the things on the wall to make it beautiful. Other ways you can do is by using the mural style to decorate your wall. There, you can applied the whole wall space with the various kind of drawing or pictures. Here, the bed wall background is using the mural that the foggy forest portrait perfectly on the wall. This kind of mural is match with the laminate wooden floor with the white bed style ideas.

Foggy Forest by Mural Design Wall Decor

Christmas event is the special occasion in the end of the year. The event that absolutely need more attention. That is why, the wall is the right place to have the decorative space attractively. There, we could have the stunning snowflakes wooden shelf on the wall that we could have the accessories of Christmas hang up there. Then, there is single dresser is functioning to put another things down there.

Gorgeous Snowflakes Shelf Hanging Wall Decor

Excellent Look for Decorative Wall Ideas

The simple way to decorating your wall bedroom is by hanging up the picture frames. This hanging wall decoration using the orderly set. Then, the picture frames applied the same color for each. The abstract picture that using white background with the dark brown edge frame. At the other side, to enrich the decorative effect at the wall, hang up the large pendant chandelier.

Hanging Gallery Wall with Stunning Pendant Look

Stunning wall decoration would be yours if you applied this concept. The ideas that using the pure white wall background could perfectly fit with the rattan furniture. There, the using of rattan furniture in rounded shape with different size are the best way to decorate the wall in minimalist look. At the other side, there is a single large potted plant with the rattan basket concept.

Wall Basket with Rattan Design in Rounded Shape