Floodplain Architecture with Mesmerizing Look Design

The recent issue about disaster is in the air. The house with the floodplain architecture located in Sag Harbor NY, USA is the Northwest Harbor House. This kind of house architecture coming with the design that would protect your place from the straddles a tidal estuary and freshwater wetlands on a land that has the average about six ft above the sea level.

Cool Floodplain Architecture Look for Interior

This house architecture coming from Bates Masi and friends. They create the house architecture that relate to the environmentally focuses on the local zoning restrictions. The house that designed specially with innovative to support natural daylight and circulating air system. The use of pilings as an integral part of housing design program that applied for all parts.

Floodplain House Design with Unique Look

Here, the architects provide the stunning look for interior. There, the wooden are use for both roof and floor. They use the natural earthy colors such as grey, brown and creamy white that suitable with the interior furniture. The open wall glass enrich the outdoor view from the inside living space.

Outstanding Interior House in Minimalist Wooden Ceiling and Flooring Look

Floodplain Architecture House with the Minimalist yet Modern and Stunning Design Ideas

The rooftop plays an important thing for this kind of floodplain housing architecture. The roof that functioning as your other place to stay while you can enjoy the skyline directly from up there. The right way to decor the rooftop wisely is to make the space stay in the free space without any much outdoor furniture, because there you can play freely without annoyed by the things.

Rooftop Part of Floodplain House Architecture

The interior is show up in contemporary design and using the natural light from the open wall windows. The way that could help the living space looks bigger and accept the enough lighting from the outdoor space. this house interior doesn’t need to have the room divider while you can have the extra space for each living space in there.

Smart Design for Floodplain House Architecture

Smart Way to Prepare Your House within Environment Housing Architecture

Coming up with the modern kind of garage with the friendly decoration for the design. the use of small white pebble to avoid the slippery when you want to store your transportation such as car, motorcycle or small boat down there. When you want to build the ideal garage, you can try to design the height of the garage in the average size.

Stunning Look for Wooden Open Garage

When you decide to have the floodplain housing architecture, don’t worry if your house is bore and not interesting. Because the architects design the house to solve the problem of environment while you can enjoy the amazing interior decoration in this floodplain architecture.

Wonderfull Floodplain Home with Unusual Architecture



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