Fontys School of Sport Studies: An Important Link of Sport Facility Network in Eindhoven

Mecanoo Architecten was responsible for developing the Fontys School of Sport Studies in Genneper Parken, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The building itself is considered as an important link of Sports Facility Network in the area. At least 2200 students and teachers come to the school on a day to day basis to use its advanced and professional sports facilities.

fonty school of sport studies

This building has become the new meeting place in the Fonty School, bringing together three courses of higher education located in Tilburg and Sittard. Instead of a traditional closed hall, the architecture team went with an open, social building as the design plan for this 200-hectare sports park. The design ultimately encourages a sense of liveliness.

a new meeting place in fontys school

The majority of the sports halls are situated on the first floor inside a sculptural brick roof that seems to hover above the transparent glass base. The design provides an open ground floor that coexists with the surrounding greenery outside the building, inviting the visitors to come inside and contributing to the feeling of safety in the park.

sculptural brick roof that appears to hover above a transparent base of glass

There’s a transparent sports hall that functions as a point of orientation for the students. The hall is the heart of the school with its unique sawtooth roof that allows the daylight to penetrate deep into the building.

transparent sports hall, the heart of the building

Other halls are also available. They are such versatile spaces that can be used before or after schools for events or by sports associates.

halls are versatile space

Standing like a beacon at the corner of the building, there’s a 15-meter-high rock climbing tower. The rock climbing tower is a literal high point in the Sport Studies building.

the 15 meter high rock climbing tower

The chosen layout of the building optimizes the interaction between sports and education. The sports activities can be seen throughout the school thanks to the openings, voids, and glass existed within the building.

sports activities can be seen through the glasses

At the same time, the logistics for education are sports are separated in order to optimize the multifunctional spaces.

logistics for education and sports are separated