Fresh Concept and Wonderful Look for Perimeter House with A Pool and Private Courtyard Architecture

House that located in Melbourne Australia coming with the fresh look architecture. This one as the Victorian cottage and designed by Australian studio Make Architecture give the addition a brick extension that bounds the street on one side and curves around a secluded courtyard on the other side. The interior house for bed space applied in monochrome color palette and fully opened to outdoors. The single bold green armchair complete the bedroom furniture.

Bedroom with Minimalist Furniture

The architects specially construct this house with the plunge pool for kids with the white brick. The pool designed in the particular height and made in the medium size with curved style. This swimming pool as the part of the house outdoor decoration that mix with the browny ground and greenery there.

Clad with Brick for Outdoor Pool Decor

Private Pool and Courtyard for Perimeter Architecture Home

This house designed in careful way so you can have the corridor side. The one that functioning as the reading nook and has the directly way to the courtyard. The elongated sofa to seat on with the wooden shelve complete this reading nook in minimalist way.

Corridor with Reading Nook Opens to Courtyard

As you can see at the picture above, the presence of courtyard coming with the large brick clad white outdoor fireplace. The concrete floor to make a modern and industrial look in monochrome color theme. The white large round table with the green chairs as outdoor furniture makes this modern courtyard so comfortable.

When you see this house from the other outside angle, you will find the stylish exterior shape. The upper level appear with the dark brick covered and the lower level with the white color as the contrast. The white blocks outdoor floor and some greenery potted plants always mesmerizing as the addition decor.

House with the Upper Latter Dark Brick

Stunning Perimeter House Architecture

The minimalist kitchen set with the recent mid-century aesthetics. The kitchen island set with wooden in natural color and with the touch of monochrome color palette. The bar space with simple three stools on the grey floor looks so stunning and chic. The presence of black staircase in wooden help the living space become nice in the eyes.

Modern Mid Century Look for Interior with Natural Wood

The architecture of this house coming with the industrial aesthetic with the residential use references. The design that using the half black-printed brick laid in a pattern and create a perforated screen lining a rooftop terrace. This exterior looks so minimalist in monochrome color theme in modern look.

Wonderfeul Look for Perimeter House with A Pool and Private Courtyard Architecture