G-Rough: A Transformation of A Historic Family Home to A Contemporary Boutique Hotel

Gabriele Salini decided to transform his family home into a boutique hotel named G-Rough. Located in the heart of Rome, Italy, G-Rough was previously a historic property which was Salini’s family home for hundreds of years. The five-story hotel was designed with his passion for art, history, modernist design in mind.

g-rough hotel in rome

Collaborated with Giorgia Cerulli, Benedetta Salini, Vittorio Mango, and Emanuele Garosci, Salini created the hotel with a rough yet refined aesthetic seen throughout the space. The building was also designed to show off its 400-year-old glory.

g-rough exposed its 400 year old history

The designing team opted for preserving and exposing the original timber ceilings, while the walls were layered with hundreds of years of paint that can be seen in most of the rooms. Despite the historic touches, the hotel comes with contemporary arts and mid-century furnishings.

contemporary and mid-century touch

The hotel has ten hotel suits and each has been decorated in similar fashion and furnishings. Few hotel rooms come with a space for entertainment with chairs, dining table, and an oversized sofa that can be used as an extra bed.

oversized sofa functioned as extra bed

Each suite has a private bedroom and a bathroom. The bathroom designed with floor-to-ceiling windows that peek out into the suite’s hall. It also comes with two-tone cast-iron washbasins, highlighting the historic side of the interior intact with its playful vibe.

historic touch of a bathroom

When it comes to the furnishing, the room is dominated by reclaimed modernist and vintage pieces. These pieces were designed by Leftover, a design brand from Sicilia. On the top floor, there are two penthouse suites that can be joined together. They open up to the rooftop terraces, overlooking the cobblestone streets and palazzo buildings around Rome’s Piazza Navona Square.

modern and vintage furnishings