Gorgeous Look for Fireplace Ideas

The world design is not always about modernity even always changing, but the good point is when you live in modernity, you can stay with old style. The same with the house design, mixing for both modern and old is the best way to give the beautiful result. The special space for fireplace only designed with vintage look by the bricks and the plain black fireplace with fence there to protect.

Vintage Decor for Old Fireplace Ideas

There are so many style for putting fireplace. It could inside the house or outside the house. Usually, it because of the owner design plan house. The thing is we have to give the right and suitable way to put fireplace. The outside house is challenging to do by giving the high wall there to protect fireplace from the weather and wind. It has to be strong wall and perfect cover to protect fireplace outdoor.

Stunning Outdoor Look for Vintage Fireplace

Fireplace identically associated with dark or black color. Here, the suitable color for the current look living room with fireplace is gray color. The mixing of gray and gold of fire color are beautiful in the white clear living color painting. Simple shape for fireplace with the huge high wall upside to the top of the living room. The color of the wall should be the same with the color of other furniture, such as sofa and table lamps there.

Modern Gray Design for Simple Fireplace

The modern way to keep the fireplace always stay hot longer and safe even for children is by using the excellent style of the design. Here we go with the modern type of keeping fireplace by using the black thick pipe from the top of the living room until almost touch the floor but give it a little space. At the other side, give the woodbin for putting the dry wood there.

360' View for Glass Fireplace

When you want to putting the fireplace, not always put it at the corner of the wall, but it could be in the middle of your living room. So, you can see it from every angle. Another design for modern fireplace is using the thick transparent tempered glass that shaped in square high until touch the roof of your living room. There, you can give the small space to make it into table to put things there.

Peninsula Style of Fireplace with Amazing Fresh Design

There is a brilliant way to put your fireplace in the suitable side. The way that the using of fireplace could be function as partition from other living space in your house. It is almost a whole part is wall that have the ending as fireplace with thick tempered transparent glass there. Such a great view to look at this design that functioning in many ways and beautifying decoration as well.

Vertical Design Fireplace with Simplicity

If you think you living room is looks like empty and need some more furniture, you are the one who should apply this design for your decoration. By using the vertical ideas for fireplace in the middle of your living space. This vertical fireplace designed with the thick wall that shaped square with four side and four glass tempered transparent for each side. By this way, the fireplace are safe and protected perfectly.