Hill Side Style with Stonehawke by Base Architecture on Black White House

The house with 290 sqm in total is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. By any condition, this house has been won several important Australian architectural awards. As you can see at the picture above, the Interior coming with an open half side. The other side using an outdoor style with the floor and roof while the one is in closed interior room.

Awesome House Interior with Wooden Architecture

Take a look into the kitchen interior, you will amaze with the presence of the wooden architecture. The natural wooden floor suitable with the minimalist large wardrobe built in there. This kitchen done with the white simple backsplash and countertop interior. While, the much lighting coming from the open space beside the kitchen. There are twin white stools complete this kitchen cabinet interior.

Beautiful Kitchen House Interior with Modern Ideas

Monochrome Architecture with Hill Side House Design

At the picture above, you will see that the open space with ceiling and flooring are complete this house. The white color ceiling with the outdoor furniture makes the ending look so stunning. While at the other side, this space would let you get the directly garden around you there. The greenery environment with the fresh air surrounding your place.

Black White House Architecture

The special things about this house architecture is the presence of the swimming pool inside the interior house but coming with different design. the swimming pool with medium rectangular shape appear with the white ceiling and the stripped pole beside the pool. This swimming pool in one place with the closed living room on the other side. The wooden interior decorating those place in simple, so you can enjoy the pool by getting close with the living room.

Contemporary Interior House for Stonehawke by Base Architecture

This house is made of rough sawn stained plywood and galvanized steel as the material to built the exterior. By this way, the house still looks natural and easy to blend with the surroundings. The presence of some plants or trees around the house to increasing the fresh air with greenery sight there.

Exterior Look for Black White Timber Clad House

Smart Way for Hill Side Type of Modern House Architecture

If you take a look this house from the street angle, you will find this house appears with three part of storey house. The using of monochrome colors makes this house beautifully blend with the nature landscape behind the house. The special landscape of this house absolutely would makes your living space get an extra comfortable.

Gorgeous Stonehawke Black White House Architecture

This house lies on the landscape with the different height for each side. It takes a detail and smart way to design this house beautifully. May the using of black and white color would be such an bore look, this house coming with extraordinary ending result look for monochrome theme decor house.

Hill Side with Stonehawke by Base Architecture on Black White House