Home Designer Suite: A Quick Look before You Use the Software

If you are in love to do DIY project, you must be grateful with the release of Home Designer Suite which is supposed to help those who love to do DIY home design to create workable garden and home plans. This software is actually one of the lines of architectural software developed by Chief Architect. Intended to non-professionals, this software is considered easy to use and very simple.

As you read the advertisements, you may find that this software promises you a very simple tool to create a DIY home plan. It is claimed that you will be able to save more time when you are designing your home. More interestingly, this software is a good choice for inexperience too since the interface is user friendly and it will not require you special training to use it.

Home Designer Suite: A Quick Look before You Use the Software

How to Use Home Designer Suite Programs

Of course, you will need to install this software to your PC before you can use it. To get the installation file, you need to download the file from Home Designer official website or simply buy the DVD version. For your information, the price for this software for the 2019 version is USD $99.00. If you want to try it first, you can consider downloading the trial version.

Now, let’s begin to create a new plan with this Home Designer Suite program. As you start by choosing “Create New Plan”, you will be guided to select a house style before you continue for another thing. It will let you to think about what kind of look that you want to apply to your home. If you have an idea about the style, there is no doubt that you will be able to get this step quickly.

There will be various style options that you can choose from the urban chick or contemporary to colonial style. Of course, it is up to you to choose any style you want. So, take your time and select the best one for you.

Moreover, as you first begin, the program will prompt you to decide too. For instance, you will be guided to select a core catalog for library, choose exterior siding and also framing defaults. Don’t get frustrated for the style details here; you just need to be patient for the best home design.

Continue Building, Not Drawing

What makes it an easy program for creating your home design is that you will use this software as a builder instead of drawer. It is simply about dragging and dropping the things you want to create. You can simply pick it and then move it around.

What makes it amazing will be the result. Despite the easy creation process, the result will be the “wow” factor. You will get such amazing 3D renderings that will leave you in awe. That’s why it becomes such amazing DIY partner that you must try.

That’s all a quick look at Home Designer Suite program by Chief Architect. After reading this quick overview, we hope that you can start to use this program more easily. Good luck!