How Much Is Home Designer Salary? Check This Out

Considering a career in architectural sector? Then, you may wonder about how much home designer salary is. In addition to salary, there are actually some other things that you better know before you become one. When it seems to be a fun career to do, you may find it as a challenging job to do as well. That’s why to prepare for the best; you must learn more about it first.

How Much Is Home Designer Salary Check This Out

What You Need to Know before Becoming a Home Designer

Before you reveal the salary of becoming a home designer, it will be a good idea to learn more things that you should know before you take this career opportunity. Here are some of the things that you need to know.

  • Decorator and designer is not the same

The easy way to say the different between these two is actually education. Literally, any person is able to become a decorator. Those who simply love to work with fabrics, colors and textiles are able to become a decorator by promoting themselves. However, a home designer is required to have an accredited education.

  • You need to have a knack for design

It is surely an obvious thing when you want to become a home designer. In this case, you need to have such innate flair of color, architecture, textile and spatial arrangement. If you enjoy decorating your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you must become a home designer. But, it is actually a good sign for you. Before you know the home designer salary is, have a passion on this career will be a good thing to begin with.

  • It is not only about all fabric

You must remember that interior design is not mainly about fabric and fun. There is no doubt that fabric, color and furniture play a big role, but there are actually many other things that you have to do as a home designer. Remember that many of them may not seem like fun, but more like work.

  • You have to be a people person

Try to ask some home designers to share about their experience and you will find that there are some horror stories about this. You will find people that are finicky. Some of your clients may have had clear goals, while some other may not have such thing and feel dissatisfied at the end. That’s why you need to be a people of person for this job.

How much is the salary?

After learning some of the things above, let’s talk about this. When it comes to the salary, you may think that a home designer has a big salary for their work. Well, in fact the salary depends on many factors like location, work experience, education and also the size of the company or firm.

For example, for an interior designer level I, they will get around $45,000. Then, for an interior design level V, they will get higher salary which is almost $80,000. So, the home designer salary surely depends on the various things that you need to take into account. Now, no more wonder!