How These Modern Farmhouse Kitchens Fuse A Contrasting Design Together

A living place with farmhouse style doesn’t always end up too rustic. The fact is you can combine a contrasting design together with farmhouse style and the end result looks superb! Farmhouse style works with almost every style as well. From industrial to modern, just take your pick!

modern farmhouse kitchen idea

Farmhouse style is great for any rooms in the home, including the kitchen area. This time, we’re going to see how a farmhouse kitchen with modern flair glues two opposing design styles flawlessly.

the mix of farmhouse and modern style blends well

This stunning kitchen feels homey with the rustic touch through the wooden floors and cabinet selection. However, it looks even more extraordinary with the bland of industrial styles as you can see from the counter’s chairs and the light fixture as well as a touch of modernity in the profound neutral tone.

a modern farmhouse kitchen for family homes

City Farmhouse offers an inspiring modern farmhouse through its modern textures and industrial fusion. This bright and airy kitchen creates a contrast from the hardwood floor, the chairs, and the light fixtures.

city farmhouse kitchen design

While the foundation of this kitchen design by House of Jade is contemporary, the natural wood pieces and the layers of textures offer a farmhouse flair that blends well with the overall modern look.

House of Jade farmhouse kitchen design

Compared to previous kitchen designs, this particular one from Houzz is a tad darker and masculine. But still, this style has that unique, edgy, and gorgeous infusion in it. All thanks to the classy hardwood floors and stools.

houzz farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse style is more dominating in this kitchen design. Wood floors, exposed beams, and the natural finish are used to emphasize the style even more. But, with the presence of modern-designed kitchen tools and hardware, you can still feel the contemporary vibe in it.

a strong farmhouse style kitchen

At first glance, you might be thinking this is a totally modern kitchen. However, when you look at the design thoroughly, it’s not that hard to spot the farmhouse ambiance. Just look at the slight open shelves and the presence of wood element, they are there to soften up the sleek edges.

cheerful modern farmhouse kitchen

Adding a pop of color to two different styles will highlight the beauty of your kitchen design. In this design, the vibrant yellow is included to give a unique and cheerful cooking area paired with organic elements you would usually find in farmhouse style and the crispness of contemporary home.