How To Design Your First Apartment On A Dorm Room Budget

When you live on a budget but what to design your first living place in style, you might think that your designing option is very limited. You probably think that it’s difficult to make it as chic as you want it to be. While your option is limited due to the limited budget, it doesn’t mean you can design your apartment that way.

apartment decor on dorm room budget

Here we offer you some decorating tips on designing your first apartment on a dorm room budget. So let’s check them out!

Keep on Experimenting

experimenting with furniture arrangement

Spend some time to experiment with your apartment arrangement. You can rearrange your furniture and simply just have some fun playing around. Usually, it takes some time to find what exactly you want from the arrangement, so just be patient!

Mix and Match Your Bedding

bedding mix and match

Avoid buying complete bedding set as it won’t allow you to explore with the decoration. Instead, watch for any sales on the printed duvet cover, solid colored sheets, and some awesome looking shams. With these, you can mix and match your bedding and come with a new look whenever you want it.

bedding mix and match 2

Extra tip: mix large prints with smaller ones to create a balance.

Keep It To the Minimum

minimalist breakfast nook

Make sure your apartment space is clear and clutter free. Don’t worry about having the pieces you want to decorate your room right away, just focus on keeping every space to the minimum. A simple table and chair for your breakfast nook, a minimalist seating for the living area, etc.

Hunt For Vintage Stuff

vintage decoration for stylish look

Spending a little of your money on the vintage stuff will help you create a unique nook without denting your wallet. You can go to yard sales and hunt for some vintage decors. Who knows you might find some gems there.

Decorate with Bulletin Board

bulletin board decorating

If you have a bulletin board you used during your dorm days, bring that to your apartment and decorate it with photos, printed pictures, or whatever decoration you have in mind.