How to Use Home Designer Interiors Software by Chief Architect

Are you interested to try a line of software developed by Chief Architect? If you are a DIY lover, Home Designer Interiors software by Chief Architect will give you a lot of pleasure from designing and visualizing your idea into such a great home design.

Chief Architect itself is known to provide some non-professional program for designing home plan. Their software is well-known to be intended for DIY lover who wants to make workable home as well as garden plans. Compared to the professional program, this software cost less and you will get such a great time using this software.

How to Use Home Designer Interiors Software by Chief Architect

Using Home Designer Interiors

Well, there are actually some products from Chief Architect when it comes to home designer. One of the lineups is the Interiors version. Compared to the Pro version, this one is less expensive since you just need to pay for USD $79.00 only to make use of this software. To get this software, you can simply download the files or purchase the DVD.

After you get the software, you can install it right away. You may only need 10 to 15 minutes only to finish the installation. Then, you can jump to the next step.

Once you are in the software, you can start to Create New Plan. Here, you will be able to select a house style that you want. You must think about what kind of look that you want to show up from your home. You can think about some styles like country cottage, colonial or arts and crafts. Choose the style you love before continue.

When it comes to Home Designer Interiors, you will be able to create detail interiors after you make decision about the styles. Your software will offer you various things that you can add to your interior design plan. You can create your cabinet however you like by selecting certain size, shape and style. You may need to check for the detail features on its manual or free tutorials.

As you work with the software, you will find that the default area for working on this website seems like a graph paper even though you can turn off the ‘Reference Grid’. For the cursor, it will be at the crosshairs and it is certainly movable. Instead of drawing, you will feel like you build something with all of the resources available here.

Learn the Directions First

If you are the one who doesn’t like to read directions before you try any software, you may need to learn about the directions first when it comes to this software. You can try to browse the gallery of Home Designer to find any sample plan that may be helpful for your project. It will be a big help especially if you don’t know where to start.

Final Thoughts

In brief, using Home Designer Interiors is actually not a difficult thing to do especially when there are many tutorials out there that can be helpful for us to learn about the software. Finally, hope you enjoy your project with this software!