IdealPark: A Unique and Alternative Car Parking System To A Traditional Parking Garage

IdealPark is an Italian company that focuses on building car lifts with the craftsmanship and, above all, passion. Having 50 years of experience in the field, the company is able to create unique custom products that can be a perfect alternative to the typical garage.

idealpark a unique car parking system

The system that the company has developed allows cars to be transported to different levels of the houses like lifting it or moving cars from street level to an underground garage. This example shows how the system works. The access point for the underground parking space is completely hidden beneath a courtyard.

how idealpark implemented a unique car parking system

This particular house is located on top of a cliff and it would be difficult to make a space for garage with such limited lot. Hence, the underground car park is the best and alternative solution. The system adopted in this parking garage is lifted parking system.

lift parking system from idealpark

When needed, the lift can be activated to raise the car up out of the ground and in the process allowing the car to be driven onto the lift.

the lift is activated to raise up the car

After the car is lowered, it will be driven out and parked in an underground parking area. This is the look of the underground parking area of the home.

the underground parking area