Inotera Headquarters & Production Facility: An Evolving Hub For Creative Intelligence and Advanced Technology

Tec Design Studio was responsible for constructing the Inotera Headquarters & Production Facility in Taipei City, Taiwan. The building was constructed on 26900-m2 area and finished in 2004. The aim of this project is to take advantage of the evolving advanced technology and creative intelligence in the Asia Pacific region. Inotera is there to seize the opportunity by combining these two concepts together and making the human being as the center of all deliberation.

Inotera Headquarters & Production Facility

The Inotera Headquarters has all glass façade, a typical standard of the office buildings in Taiwan. The glass façade was designed in a way to reinterpret the country’s tradition of tile construction. Technology is explored to highlight environmental aspects and cultural values within a contemporary context.

glass facade to reinterpret taiwan's tile construction

Since there is no iconographic notion for the Gestalt of hi-tech production and engineering facilities, the headquarters building creates its own expression through hundreds of colors and shapes that reflect the formal complexity of natural elements like a ripple of water and the leaves of trees.

expression through hundreds of colors and shapes

A series of printed glass using the latest glass printing technologies, glass curtain wall systems, and structural glass is the representation of the building’s unique identity while incorporating local customs.

a series of printed glass


An attached fabrication facility offers an amazing screen for dada-esque ceramic tile composition. The composition blends its scale by using the perspective of geometries.

a series of printed glass 2

Combined with this fabrication facility, Inotera Headquarters intends to create a sense of persona, identification, and location for a new collaboration between an Asian and European company.  The point is to make the most of cultural differences while bringing the ambiance of a social laboratory.

a new collaboration between an Asian and European company