Inspiring Downtown Loft Apartment Designs You Should Definitely Check Out!

Generally, you will find loft apartments situated in distribution centers, revamped manufacturing plans, or other business areas that offer mechanical points of interest and open living spaces. More people decide to live in a loft apartment when they move into urban territories. This decision is usually taken in order to avoid long drives and most of all to appreciate remodeled downtown neighborhoods.

loft apartment design ideas 1

But wherever area you decide to live in, you can apply an urban outline style into your own living place with a little loft arrangement. If this is what you are looking for, we’re here to offer you some inspiring designs of loft apartment you can copy for your place.

loft apartment design idea 2

The layout of downtown loft mostly revolves around compositional points of interest, such as uncovered block, bolster sections, and vintage wood floors.

downtown loft with uncovered block

Wood flooring in this loft apartment sample offers a warmer ambiance, especially with the highlight from natural light penetrated through the large windows.

sizeable windows to highlight every loft space

For a modern edge, loft apartment comes with tall open roofs showcasing pipes, rafters, or shafts wide in the open.

loft apartment with modern edge

Sizeable windows also come into play to highlight most loft spaces with the perspectives of sprawling cityscapes.

downtown loft with vintage wood floors

When it comes to loft’s mechanical flair, modern loft usually are enriched in a sleek, contemporary style with a natural touch. Stainless steel, glass, wood, and stone are fairly present in today’s loft, but to soften up the look, components like greenery or plants are needed.

greenery to soften up the metropolitan feels

This contemporary loft has a touch of femininity with the flower arrangement placed in a sleek kitchen area.

flower in a sleek kitchen loft apartment

Loft space arrangement incorporates shading plans that lean toward neutral tones, such as beige, cream, white, or darker shade. Choosing the shading in conjunction with furniture in bolder or warmer tints like gold, sage, red, or orange can create a strong statement throughout the spaces.

neutral shading and bold furniture

Lighting in a downtown loft apartment should be more open and ample. You can try pendants or crystal fixtures if your loft comes with high roofs. This will create a more personal setting.

light fixture option for high roof loft

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