Inspiring Living Room Color Palettes You May Want to Adopt At Home

Are you planning on updating your living room appearance? If so, you could try exploring in the color department. One of the most essential aspects of the home interior is determining the color scheme. A color will make a great impact on the interior, hence you need to be careful in choosing one, be it for your wall or for your furniture. In every space, color has a major role and it will offer a stunning view if you pick the right one.

living room color scheme ideas

Then, what color palette will work for your living room remodeling project? Afraid not, because we’re here to give you a helpful guide for that matter!

Electric Elegance Vibe

electric elegance living room

This living room uses shades of charcoal gray, turquoise, and jade green. The combination brings out an elegant and sophisticated look. At the same time, the designer of this living room, Caitlin Murray, includes electric furnishings seen in the painting on the wall and through the touch of analogous colors throughout the area.

Traditional Neutral Color Palettes

traditional neutral living room

Many homeowners use neutral colors for their respective living room. It is practically a safe color and can be mixed with almost anything. However, you can add a pop to the room by using bright hues or muted shade like this idea. The living room comes with some shades of tan and brown paired with muted shades of green. Ultimately, it creates an interesting and calming atmosphere.

Deep Hues Color Schemes

deep hues living room

This living room makes a statement with the use of rich, saturated hues like wine-infused purple and deep rust. But the schemes don’t make the room too dark as it is paired up with white baseboards and light-hued flooring.

Colorful Living Room

brightly colored living room

Fuchsia in this living room brings up a little passion combined with the bright aqua that creates richness to the area. Faith Blakeney, the designer of this living room, also includes the classic color scheme of green and pink mostly through decorative items.

vibrant living room

A pop of yellow on the sofa and a touch of greenery in this living room also offers a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere.

Classic Color Palettes

classic color schemes

Classic furnishings emphasize the traditional style of this living room. The color scheme of cream and red also makes a great design combination.