Levantine Hill Estate: A Winery Restaurant with Distinctive Wood-Lined Barrel Booths

Molecule Studio was appointed to decorate the interior of the Levantine Hill Estate. Located in the Yarra Valley wine region, Australia, the design team added a distinctive and unique element to the restaurant; that is a series of wood-lined barrel booth.

levantine hill estate

While the interior was done by Molecule Studio, the overall building was constructed by Fender Katsalidis Architects. It houses a wine tasting area, a casual dining room,  a formal dining room, and a private room.

the overall building designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects

When it comes to the new unique addition, Molecule Studio opted for positioning the timber lined barrel booths along one of the walls of windows. The position offers a semi-private dining experience for the customers. The booth design resembles the wine barrels used within the winery.

the wood-lined barrel booths

The layout is more open for the casual dining area. The design team went with solid wood tables coupled with leather seating. Track light system is seen in the area while industrial style pendant lights are hovering around the tasting bar area.

the casual dining area

Molecule Studio incorporated a repetitive tectonic form of shifting brass panels in the tasting bars. The shifting brass panels are used to reflect the hilly landscape of Yarra Valley.

the tasting bars

A series of modular shelving on castor wheels are seen throughout the space. The shelving units allow the space to cater to larger functions. Aside from a practical reason, the units also act as display space for merchandise and working zones specifically for waiters.

modular shelving on castor wheels

Moving to the more formal dining space, upholstered chairs with botanical motifs in red were chosen to make a distinct difference from the casual dining area. The color red and the motifs displayed on the chairs add a pop of color to the formal dining room. The space looks cozier when natural light invades the area.

formal dining area

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