Light Fixture Selection that Works for Each Space in Your Home

When choosing the light sources for every space in your home, it’s important that you select one with the right ambiance, meaning it must be not too bright or too dim. Given there are so many lighting options in the market, you might find it difficult to pick one that is right for each room.

contemporary light fixture for living room

Even though selecting the lighting is a matter of personal taste or preference, you need to consider the standard layout. Understanding the space layout also will narrow down your selection. At the very least, you have an idea of what sort of lighting is needed for a particular room.

Ostrich Feather Chandelier for modern home

If you are still unsure, don’t worry because we’re here to offer you some advice on light fixture selection to choose for one room to another.

Dramatic Pendant Light for Entryway

dramatic pendant light in entryway

The first time people enter your home, they will notice your entryway and what you’ve set in there. So for the light fixture selection, it would better to choose a dramatic pendant light for a wow factor. You can also go with chandelier overhead.

Overhead Light Fixture for Living Room

overhead light fixture at the center of living room

Using a larger, overhead light fixture is such a great idea for your main seating area. Place the lighting at the center to provide the space with overall lighting.

Chandelier of Pendant to Lighten Up the Dining Room

farmhouse style chandelier for dining room

It’s easier to choose a light fixture for this particular area. You can go with a chandelier or a large pendant light placed over the dining table.

Recessed Lighting for the Kitchen

recessed lights for the kitchen

Compared to dining room lighting, choosing one for the kitchen area is quite complex. But you can start with recessed lighting.

overhead pendant for kitchen island

For focal areas such as a dining table or kitchen island, overhead pendants or chandeliers would work perfectly well.

The Main Light Source and Table Lamps Combo

light fixture selection for bedroom

Usually, a bedroom is designed with a main overhead light source and table lamps on dressers or nightstands.

Recessed Light Fixture for Bathroom

bathroom light fixture selection

Recessed lighting is commonly used in the bathroom, but you can also add task lights around a mirror or overhead light fixture above the tub.

With this helpful room-by-room guide, we hope choosing light fixtures for your home is no longer a big deal!

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