Lighting Decoration in Smart Design for Light Up Your Space

Here some as the fresh look replacing your lamps with this modern lighting that would brighten up your living space. this time, the geometric shape such as triangle, rectangular and tube. Those are show in the different color. Then, the lighting is using the circle shape that coloring in white. They would shining bright if the light is turned on. This kind of lighting would be the fresh style to decorate your living room. not only functioning as the lighting in the night, but also perfectly fit as the decoration.

Fresh Lamps with Geometric Shape and Line in Various Color Decor Idea

Another lighting decoration that you can use at your living space is to light up at your bedroom. This bedroom using the large lighting that line up with in the strip lighting way. This headboard use the classic motive in grey white color. The lighting are use for both side for right and left of the edge of the headboard until the roof. By this lighting, you don’t need the lamp because this lighting would lighting up your bedroom completely.

Headboard Bedroom Wall Lighting that Line Up Design Ideas

The next living space that could decorate with the lighting is the kitchen. We would apply the strip line lighting on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet. There, the perfect place to put the lighting because it would makes beautiful reflection on the white floor and the kitchen would brighter. At this kitchen, you don’t need to use the lamps. At the other side some spot lamps at the roof and at the inside below the countertop.

Lighting Up the Edge Lower Kitchen Cabinet Beautifully

Beautiful Design for Modern Lighting Design

The book shelf is the right furniture to decorate with the lighting strip line. Here, the lighting is placed under the each layer of the shelf so the things would lighted up perfectly. The using of the shelf here is the white light that would suitable with the grey light color. This shelf would shining beautifully in the dark.

Open Shelving with Lighting for Every Layer

We are not stop in the kitchen because there we could apply another side to be used for lighting strip line. Were now change into the upper side of the kitchen. The below of the countertop is the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen cabinet. While the addition light, you can add the spot light at the roof.

Strip Light for Upper Kitchen Cabinet Decor Idea

Lighting Style in Mesmerizing Decor Idea

Try to decorating your simple floating staircase by using the strip line lighting. Here, the floating staircase is using the golden color light that put under the each of the step of the staircase. There, you can use enrich the decoration of your living room by using the lighting on the floating staircase. When you step in, you will aware of every step because it is in the bright side.

Strip Lighting Lining Up on Floating Staircase Design

The bedroom would be the right place to have the twilight lighting there. Here, the strip line lighting would be place at the edge of the wall bed decor. This bedroom using the the weathered clad wood with the random surface design and applied the grey brown wood color. The lighting is only use at the top of the wall decor in the large size of strip lighting line. That would makes your bedroom looks perfectly lighten up to your bedtime.

Weathered Clad Wood Wall Decor with Strip Line Lighting