Living Space with Enchanting Interior Decor Idea

Actually, to get the comfortable living space is not about using many furniture inside. While, the point is only using the most comfort sofa furniture to use there. This time, the medium size of sectional sofa applied the green yellow color with the grey light of the cushions there. At the other side, the natural brick decorating the wall by using the abstract wallpaper. The unique pendant lamp with random shape makes the living room stunning in the eye.

Living Room with Brick Wall and Bubble Chandelier

Here come the fresh look white living room that would fir with any kind of interior and furniture. The living room that use the white color but mixed with other interior is kind of stunning look in the end. The white brick wall is suitable with the simple sofa and some cushion with the different look. While, the laminate wooden floor always matching with the potted plant and the hanging up one.

Looking Soft for White brick Wall

If you want to make another look for your living space, this are the best one to apply. The living room that applied the grey abstract brown brick wall with the hanging up potted plant there. Then, the ladder and simply picture framed add to decorate the wall in bold. While the long single orange brown sofa using the rectangular cushion and the white fur rug with the simple square pattern. The small square metal type in black color with the armchair are the best combination for your industrial look living space.

Metal Accessories with Ladder for Brick Living Room Industrial Style

Contemporary Interior for Living Room Ideas

Let’s get another metal bold living space design. this kind of living room applied the bold dark color theme for almost all part of the furniture and interior. There, you can see that the old style of soda in dark color with the various cushions there. Then, the wooden table type with the wheels for each side and the accessories that definitely enrich your industrial look of your living room. while, the abstract brown color carpet is match with the wooden table.

Metal and Leather Furniture for Bold Living Room Look

Having the perfect spot for your relaxing place is always be favorite for everyone. This kind of living room also applied the modern design. there, the large glass transparent window wall almost along one side of the wall with the white curtains. By this design, you will able to have the outstanding view from your place inside. The curved yellow sofa with the mixing of elongated white sofa are the perfect mix to enjoy the day.

Perfect View for Refined Modern Living Room

Living Interior Room in Stylish Look

This simple of living space provide your the old industrial look. The living room that using the single old type of sofa armchair with the various cushion and the single wooden table. At the other side, the dark wall color painting are suitable with the hanging up frame there and the branch trees up there. The grey abstract laminate wood also perfectly fit on there.

Vintage Art Decor for Industrial Style of Living Room

The last section of living room with fresh interior selection is the using of spread plant decoration through the space. there, to add the greenery sense of theme, the sofa is using the green color with the various cushions. Then, the corner is the best place to put on the potted plant that the rest leaf is spreading until the roof and through the wall. While, the white wall decorating with some picture frames there. At the other side, the laminate wooden floor is still the wider for living space interior.

White Brick Wall with Greennery Sense Chic Living Room