Maintenance-Free Modern House with Colorful Touches Architecture

Now, coming with the contemporary house that designed by MB Architecture. The house that durable it’s a maintenance-free house. At the picture, the architect decided on the side facade, the narrow end, be the street-front. There, the stunning garden are ready around the house with some footstep stones to lead into the entrance of the house. The greenery environment around would perfectly compete your dwelling.

Awesome Look for Outdoor House Architecture

As you can see at the picture above, the the bedroom has the diagonal wide roof with the height and some of spot lights are up there. The single fan also complete this bedroom where the ceiling applied the creamy abstract color that suitable with the laminate wooden floor and dark walls there. The simple shelve with TV and white carpet match with the presence of single armchair sofa at the corner.

Bedroom with Attic Space and Current Furniture

Complete Package of Housing Architecture in Current Design

The other look for bedroom appear with the diagonal roof with the particular height. The bed space that has the home office side facing the windows. The large desk complete this bedroom with home office. The classy wooden dresser looks suitable with simple large white bed and the single fan on the ceilings.

Bedroom with Home Office

Choosing the right furniture for applied into your house is the important thing. The comfy furniture allows you to have the qualified relaxing time. The creamy light color sectional sofa suitable with the several blue dots motive cushions. The presence of wooden table with the creamy abstract carpet makes the room so comfy. The classy dresser and the transparent glass sliding doors makes this living room get an enough sun lighting inside.

Comfy Furniture and Glazed Walls

Include as one of the most important place in the house. The kitchen coming with the white cabinets and some green brick walls stones at the kitchen background. The large windows fill up with the sun lighting and it makes the room looks brighter.

Kitchen Cabinet in White and Large Windows

Modern House Architecture with Colorful Touches Interior

At the picture above, you will find the colorful furniture in the living room. the space that would let you get the spacious place inside the house. The green sofa and the white sofa with orange cushions decorate this living room in simple way. The large sliding windows always win the interior design.

Living Room with Fireplace Clad Brick and Wood

The special thing about this house is the large swimming pool in the backyard with the extra deck. The arrangement of the greenery garden absolutely suitable with this house architecture. The twin lounge with an umbrella are the complete package of the modern house architecture. The grey color as the exterior house match with the nature surroundings.

Maintenance-Free Modern House with Colorful Touches Architecture