Manicured Lawn with Greenery Decor for Coastal Island Cottage Architecture

Have been through so many renovation and extension, this house is located in seaside village of Sidlesham Quay. In the 1830, this cottage built  and now has refurbished from the old into the new one by Paul Cashin Architecture. As you can see at the picture above, the minimalist interior is applied here. The white roof and walls with the tile floor are the best combination. The dinning set is using thick dine table with several chairs that use fur blanket for each chair. The classy pendant lamps beautify the space with the sliding transparent wall windows.

Dinning Set with Calm Design

This living space done with inviting area with the hearth, pillows and views at the same time. This room might don’t need another chairs to seat on furniture. But, the presence of large white carpet on laminate wooden floor is enough to enjoy the time by having the windows and glass door view from the inside. The fireplace keep the living room stay warm and complete the house interior furniture.

Earthy Look for Minimalist Living Room

Wooden Architecture for Island Cottage Extension

This house also called as the Island Cottage with the touch of heritage and modernity accent. At the picture above, you will see the stripped wooden exterior beautify this house in earthy color scheme. There is quite large balcony with an open space that would give you the directly view to the outside scenery. The grass garden in front side of this cottage complete the outdoor look.

Heritage Look for House with Coastal Island Ideas

Move into the other room of this house. The kitchen done in clad with light colored wood and a wicker lamp with basket plant. This one the metal also mixed for kitchen cabinet. At the picture, the floating desk did a lot of things to put and hang goods there. While, the windows still win the interior for giving the natural light inside.

Kitchen with Simplicity Look in Wooden Design

Island Cottage in Wooden Modern House Architecture

Having some part of interior house done in wooden is the best one to bring the interior with stunning look. This time, the bed space using light colored wood for the floor and the one side walls. By using the modern oval big tub there, your bath time must be so relaxing and comfy with the presence of single window.

Light Colored Wood for Bathroom

When you see the outdoor side of this cottage, the manicured lawn with some potted greenery and blooms, looks so adorable. The wide garden with some loungers and living fence enrich the alive look there. This house must be so comfortable and worth to live.

Manicured Lawn with Greenery Decor for Coastal Island Cottage Architecture