Mekel Park: An Eye-Catching Park In The Busy Mekel Road

Mecanoo developed an eye-catching park in the busy Mekel Road, Delft, the Netherlands. Named Mekel Park, it is situated centrally between the campus of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the Mekel Road. The park bridges different faculties of the university and in the process, it reflects the interdisciplinary of the university.

mekel park of campus delft university of technology

Lending a grandeur to the TU Delft, Mekel Park offers enjoyable meeting space for the international community of students and teachers. It forms a corridor for cyclists, pedestrians, skaters, and public transport along with a carefully crafted network of paths. There are three stops for trams and buses located on the edge of an esplanade known as the Nieuwe Delft. It zigzags the length of the park.

an enjoyable meeting space for the international community of students and teachers

mekel park as the meeting space

The park comes with the bluestone edge which is used as an extended bench that disperses for one kilometer. There’s also a pavement of mixed cleft granite cobblestones that creates a bold and distinguished character for the existing esplanade.

an extended bench that stretches for one kilometre

A network of smaller paths divides the Nieuwe Delft and the rest of Mekel Park.

network of smaller paths

Meandering band of trees from various species are seen around the park as well. Asides from planting new trees, the design team decided to retain and replant the existing trees as much as possible.  There were sunken car parking areas which have been transformed into slopes with different height to accentuate the landscape of trees.

various trees in varying species

the existing trees

Each faculty of TU Delft has its own entrance square of the park. In addition, planned shops, cafes, and restaurants nearby enhance the lively campus feel.

the lively campus feel around the park area