Mesmerizing Shou Sugi Ban Architecture House Inspired from Traditional Japanese Ideas

This kind of house applied the construction of Shou Sugi Ban House that created by Suyama Peterson Deguchi architects and Erin Stetzer. Later section, you will see that this house mixing with the Japanese traditional taste architecture and some technique use the same way. Coming with bedroom, the white color theme interior flooring, wall and roof side beautify this living space. At the other side, the pure white decorate the bed cover with the simple night stand and book shelf there with double large of sofa armchair as your comfort place to seat on while reading the books.

Bedroom with Wall Book Shelves and Large Colorful Double Bench

At the picture above, we could see that this house from the sideline look like the common house. The average height from ground to the roof, with the wooden wall exterior and windows. There are some plant on the ground with the small pebbles and grass garden at the front side makes the ending look like farmhouse decor.

House with Clad Stained Wood and Traditional Japanese Technique

Adorable Japanese Look for Shou Sugi Ban House Architecture

Take a look for the interior house that applying the Japanese traditional sense inside. There are many traditional lamps hanging inside the house. This kind of lamps using red color and features like the Japanese traditional design with the bottom light inside the rice paper. They hanging up in random size that beautify the living space in white wooden room.

Living Room with Orange and White Accent Decor of Hearth of Weathered Wood and Glass

The interior are set in modern design. as you can see at the picture, the large high black wooden fireplace in the middle of the living space makes the look so adorable. At the other side, the black bold sectional sofa with the white fur rug complete this living space. then, the wooden dinning table with the white current chair style suitable for giving the minimalist interior look.

Natural Feel for Staircase above Pebbles

Another look for interior house are focus on freeing the space without any unnecessary furniture to use. There, the wooden staircase with the simple black fence as the holder built in the special place. The blue pebbles as the ground under the staircase makes the look so different yet beautiful. While, the surrounded place are clearly free and easily to do as the play space there.

Sliding Door from Wood and Rice Paper just like in Japan

The Wooden House Architecture Mix with Japanese Taste

The Japanese sense still in the air throughout this house architecture interior. The sliding door that functioning as the room divider at the same time. This kind of door is large and so easy to use with the brown and white color decor. This Japanese style help the modern house touch the traditional decoration for the housing interior in simple way.

Wondefrully House with Shou Sugi Inspired by Traditional Japanese Architecture

This kind of house has the process that involves burning and oiling lumber to give the rich dark color for the wooden material more durable. The house applied the step stone that directly to the main door of this house between the garss garden in front side. The elongated shape of this house makes the look so minimalist with the average height.