Modern Architecture with Historical Ideas for Living Space Design

Current design within historic architecture that lies in Berlin’s hip Prenzlauer Breg neighboorhood, because this project belong to Asdfg Architekten’s Miller’s House. The ending result of this architecture absolutely a unique design that rooted within historical city. Here, the design choose to keep the original interior for the wall, while the open space is used for balanced with modern design interior and furniture.

Berlin Type of Architecture Millers House that Mixed with Current Design Historic Style

The pure clear line for each framing house increasing the bold of historic brick wall interior there. This dinning are have the special thing because airy highlighted as the comfortable part under the lift ceilings. The use of black color theme for dinning room enrich the stunning look around sitting space on the white color house theme.

Double Height Ceiling for Dinning Space with Bubble Shaped Pendant Lamp

The simple kitchen design invites everyone to clearly see the kitchen tools openly without closed countertop. The wooden material the best way to use for design the kitchen. Single aluminium holder to hang up the kitchen tools and the magnet holder to hang up the knives into the brick wall. Without any specific room divider, you can enjoy living room without annoyed by kitchen presence there.

Inviting and Welcoming House Feel

Outstanding Look for Modern House Architecture within Historic

The modern open up living space ceilings with recent staircase runs along the interior brick wall. The floating base of staircase with the wonderful second floor in smart design makes the architecture definitely beautify the living space with the large bubble transparent pendant lamps.

Large Open Kitchen Space with Recent Design

Kids space should be done in save, comfy and modern to support their activity of learning. The recent type of staircase rungs along the brick wall to the upstairs area. The second floor that lead into the kid’s bedroom. This way, kids would have the private place than play space. The modern staircase that could accommodate toys and stuff to store inside the open cabinet under it.

Staircase as Room Divider for Public Space and Private Ones

The Smart Way to Create Historical Feel of Housing Architecture

The outstanding limited space with current idea for designing bathroom. The modern one that could bring up all the complete stuff of bath. Experienced with the green small tile and the fireplace built in to warm up the living space in front of the bathtub directly beside the single double door windows on the brick wall interior.

The Bathroom with Small Tile in Green and Fireplace

The second floor is not always about one stage flooring at once. It takes the smart design to have the unique one. Here, the staircase attaching other spaces in the house within a built in open cabinet to store things inside behind the staircase. The ending layout would invites you to see the living space in good mood of welcoming feeling.

Untouched Brick Wall and Ceiling with Wooden Decoration