Modern Draper RV Mobile Home with Mid-Century Concept Design

Here we are coming with the fresh ideas about architecture housing as the complete package of adventure, mobile and cool life style. The cabin living as our next concept that we want to share more. the one that called as The Draper RV. The complete package of current life style is the brandchild of Land Ark in specializing of modern mobile homes. This car exterior applied the structure that takes on an angular form and punctuated by randomly proportioned windows in black color.

Awesome Exterior Structure takes on an Angular form Punctuated by Irregularly Proportioned Windows

As you can see at the picture, the nook that functioning as the living room and dinning room at the same time. The sectional grey brown sofa with some assorted cushion looks suitable with the rectangular curved white table. The presence of windows on the wooden walls and ceilings makes the living space more comfy. The curtain needed when you want some privacy at your space.

Cozy Nook for Dinning Space with Upholstered Furniture

Contemporary Dwelling for Draper RV Mobile Home

This part, require the laminate wooden floor with the extended outside space through the sliding door and spills out into the hardwood deck. The extra space that provide the flexible indoor or outdoor living. The using the transparent black of glass sliding door is to save the space and enjoy the views. This spot directly brings you to the kitchen inside and the extra deck outside.

Door with Sliding Glass to Save Place

This car house has the corridor in wooden walls with some hanging picture frames there. The corridor that could brings you to the rush ladder where you can find the sleeping space upstairs. The most private sleeping space that you don’t have another room to use the furniture interior to make it closed bedroom.

Fresh Rush Wooden Staircase

Another angle to see this car house interior is the kitchen also clad with whitewashed pine, the cabinets, a refrigerator, a cooker and floating desk there. The use of windows in the kitchen gives the natural sun lighting inside. While, the use of wood for ceilings, wall and floor are the best choice because it is the light material and could be match with any kind of furniture interior.

Kitchen with Current Cabinet in Modern

The Draper Mobile Home with Mid-Century Architecture

At the picture above, the large and wide bed with the geometric grey monochrome motive cover give the fresh look for kind of sleeping space. the plain white pillow suitable with the some spot lights on the ceilings. This bed right on the floor with the outdoor view through the windows for each side. There, you can feel the extra comfy while you were travelling.

Light Floor and Window for Wide Sleeping Space

When you arrived at the particular place to travel, you can have the special feature of this RV mobile home. There is an extra deck to use and it could flexible to be close and open as your needs. The wooden deck that could be function as your outside balcony and you can have the chairs up there to directly straight away enjoy the nature.

Modern Draper RV Mobile Home with Mid-Century Design