Nature Always Suit for Architecture Ideas Housing

Work of art is another way to say the smart and cool ideas for getting the house architecture. This one coming with the house architecture using beach design for the idea. We could say a seaside house located in Vila do Conde that designed by Ernesto Pereira. Amazingly created house with unique work of art by using the idea of beach.

Beach Design House Architecture with Look Like Ending Beauifully

This house kind of dynamic because applied the beautiful shape of the house with minimalist look. From particular distance outside, you can enjoy the house beach view in natural color combination. The wood and white color with the blue water makes the ending architecture house look perfectly stunning. There, the architect mix with the use of small grass garden in front side to make the yard friendly to enjoy.

Modern Beach House Architecture with Breathtaking View

The World of Wooden for Beach House Architecture

Let’s take a look in this house closely where you will get the wide space with the minimalist furniture outdoor to decorate. There are two white bench with the single hammock white with laces at the other side that functioning as the outdoor furniture to support your relaxing time. These outdoor furniture is suitable with the color theme house that are brown wood and white color.

Outdoor Look for Beach Housing Design

Playing with interior could be done in the simple way as the exterior use. The beach house interior that using the creamy brown natural wooden color and wood as the material for wall, room divider and floor. There, the white color play an important role to beautify the interior house in simply stunning. The presence of black sofa furniture makes the living space so bold.

Simple Beach House Design with Wooden Interior Room Divider

Amazing Architecture Ideas for Beach House Seaside

The use of natural wood creating the sense of calming and warning through the entire house. The interior is absolutely in modern type even most of them are made from wood. Here, the large shelf wall within the large rectangular table are wooden made also for flooring but not for the roof. While, the various lines carpet add to give some cheer sense inside with the long line gold lighting on the roof.

Stunning Look for Interior Beach House Architecture

The dinning set of this beach house coming with the bold black color theme. This dark color applied beautifully match with the wooden living space and an open glass wall there. The several high back modern style of dinning chair with the rectangular shape of dinning table enrich the interior look. The current dinning room get enough lighting from the outside sunlight through the open glass wall.

Wooden Interior for Current Design Architecture

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