Newington Green Residence: A Refurbished Residence To Retreat From The Buzz

Newington Green Residence is a refurbished residence located in North East London, England. Designed by Nicholas Kirk Architects, the house has been transformed inside and out as a perfect place to retreat from the busy life of the urban environment. From the project, the house now has a new charred timber bedroom extension as well as a sympathetic refurbishment of the original building.

newington green residence


The key products used in the project are charred timber or shou sugi ban, timber windows, and composite decking boards.  The internal spaces flow to the terrace at the rear area, doubling the footprint of the residence through the existence of an outdoor living room.

the outdoor living room

Slatted screens, long grasses, and climbing plants are arranged to offer a sense of enclosure, allowing nature to monopolize this part of the city.

charred timer, composite decking boards, and timber windows

The project was intended to create an oasis away from the hectic city and to allow the owners space to breath and relax while enjoying the view of their surroundings.

oasis away from the city

The external and internal spaces of the residence are unified through the addition of this new charred timber bedroom.

the new charred bedroom

Therefore the architecture team decided to use materials such as timber to unify both spaces.

charred timber to unify internal and external areas

The refurbishment project also intended to offer a sympathetic restoration of the original dwelling with contemporary materials. The overall design is set to create a residence that would make the most of every nook and cranny.

modern mateirlas for the interior