Outdoors Forest House Ideas with Modern Open Architecture

Coming with the name of Casa de la Roca got the perfect combination between nature landscape around and modern house furniture. This dwelling located in the middle of a forest, that needs two hours north of Mexico City and constructed by Cadaval and Solà- Morales. At the picture, the sliding door with the large windows complete this modern kitchen to get an enough natural lighting that directly give the outside view.

An Open Kitchen with Sliding Door

Having the quite wide space in your house is better to keep some rooms in one space. as you can see above, the dinning room and living room glazed with the large windows walls that fill the open space with natural sun light. There, you can have the directly outside view from any side of those living space. the use of simple furniture in wooden for the interior house.

An Open Layout for Living Space and Dinning Room

Open Forest House in Current Design Architecture

Another interior look in this house is the master bed space appear with the bathtub inside. There, the extra outdoor space use for narrow balcony and the hammock complete the outdoor furniture. The large windows give the unlimited view from inside your bed. The use of wooden ceiling complete this bed room interior.

Bedroom Include Bathtub with Balcony Hammock to Relax

This time, we have the different kind of housing arrangement. There is the outdoor dinning space that placed under the roof to avoid the over sun lighting. At the picture above, the dinning room still got the space with indoor and outdoor type. By having this kind of dinning space, you will able to enjoy the nature around the house while you were eating your meals.

Dinning Space with Outdoor Style

The outdoor of this house show you the gorgeous landscape with greenery environment around. There is a pond next to the house that complete the outdoor nature view. This house done in black color for the exterior to let the house blend beautifully with nature.

Greenery Landscape with Pond Next House

Forest House with Fresh Architecture

Another interior look for this spaces are decorate in stone, concrete and wood with the color palette that inspired by nature. The use of simple furniture with single bench complete this living room interior. The large windows still win the house architecture that gives the stunning look even from the inside or the outside.

Interior with Concrete and Wood Combination

The look of this house from the outside would perfectly gives the gorgeous look there. The home where the forest around looks so balance with the surroundings nature. This house maximize the advantage of the location with very much glazing where the forest view is awesome. The golden lighting suitable perfectly suitable when the light is turn on.

Outdoors Forest House with Modern Open Architecture