Outdoors Forest House with Modern Open Architecture

This time, the residence located in Armadale, an up-and-coming leafy suburb of Melbourne, Australia. As you can see at the picture, the monolithic-looking by b.e architecture where it is identical with a sculptural heftiness and ethereal weightlessness that mostly beautiful when touches with sunlight that illuminates the stone’s texture. The discrete outdoor shower with a granite-lined en-suite bathroom suitable with the free-standing bathtub and a hefty basin block carved from solid blocks of stone. There, you will deserve the bath space with serenity and relaxation.

Bathroom with Natural Large Windows

An open layout for living room done with the blue tosca wardrobe that you can put things up there. The double grey simple armchair sofa looks so suitable with the many small square transparent glass tables that functioning also as the shelves for books down there. At the other side, the grey and white curtain makes this living space looks stunning in simple way.

Carefully Selected for House Furniture

Minimalist Look for Craved Stone House Architecture

When you see this living room from the other angle, you will find the kitchen and dinning room are set in gorgeous without room divider. At the picture, the kitchen island done in grey light and dark brown for the kitchen cabinet. The countertop and backsplash appear with dark brown color while the rest wardrobe is the light grey color. the metal part of the modern kitchen makes this ending look so awesome.

Kitchen Island in Plywood, Metal and Dark Lacquered Cabinet

At the outside view, there is a large swimming pool with private courtyard and the balcony as the complete package. This side has the rectangular pool that close to the wall exterior. Then, the outdoor furniture as part of the lounge looks suitable with the presence of trees around the house.

Large Pool with Balcony and Private Courtyard

Carved Stone House in Modern Architecture

Another side of interior house coming with the open living room. the interior that has been extended with outdoor to fill it with the natural lighting ans some fresh air into the house. The transparent light grey curtain keeps away from over sun lighting. The random living room furniture give the modern look there with the hanging piece for white ceilings decoration.

Living Room with Stylish Extended Interior

Coming with the TV room with the minimalist design interior. As you can see at the picture above, the moody green velvet sofa fill up this space with sectional style. The several cushions decorate the furniture beautifully. The large window with curtain still win the interior.

Moody Green Velvet Sofa Art Work for TV Room

This one, the exterior space are designed with landscaped to create a wildly natural look and the large pool with the balconies to complete. The architects give the special attention to every detail of this house architecture. The greenery stuff at the outdoor view makes this house are match to spend time with.

Residence with Craved Stone in Modern and Wooden Mix Architecture