Pleasant Ways to Enchanting Your Vase and Pots Furniture

The good way to enhance your look of your living room is by turning up the ideas of the decoration by using the exciting  design. The creative design require the good planning detail of everything. The lain pure white color paint for background wall should be decorate with the minimalist accessories. Here we go with the glass tempered with thick vase for putting your flower or plant by hanging up them at the wall in different size of each.

Beautiful Look for Flower Glass Wall Hanging Up Ideas

The current way to hanging up your mini plant is by using the marble as the main material. This kind of vase is looks so creative because it could save your place and orderly arranged as your furniture. We could using the wooden holder to hanging up this rounded vase marble. For hanging up this vase, you can add the soil inside the vase at once so, your plant will long lasting alive.

Enchanted Ideas Design with Circle Hanging Up Marble

Alternative Design for Getting Eye-Catching Pot and Vase Ideas

Eye Catchy Design with Transarent Look for Angular Shape Vase Wall Ideas

There is a eye-catchy design to make your vase flower or plant wall look beautiful even seems so complex. The angular shape that put on the wall with the transparent glass is suitable for beautify your flower and your wall. There, you can pour the water inside the glass vase to make your flower or plant always fresh.

Flower Vase with Fruit Bowl in Once with Contemporary yet Simple Design

The vase or pots for putting your plant doesn’t always using the glass or marble as the material. You can use the wire that colored with the blue one. This design are bounded with the bowl that functioning as the fruit container with the vase flower as once. The wire vase also help the arrangement of the flower are orderly neat.

Simple Hanging Mini Plant for Plain Decoration

The hanging up the vase with the small rope that tied by four sides and it could lift up the container perfectly. The container vase could use the strong material such as marble, stone or thick plastic. There are many kind of plant that you could use to fill your hanging vase such as flower, mini plant and many more.

Fresh Way to Increase Design of Vase Decoration

Stylish Blue Water Rounded Glass Vase with Modern Design Space

Currently, the blue sea color become the favorite one. The colors that provide the beautiful effect in result always mesmerizing. The rounded vase having the unique shape that fit on the frame container that in once with the extra space. When using the glass rounded vase, the better way to make your vase look is interesting is using the water to provide your plant either than using the soil.

Wonderful Large Vase with Lighting Design that Shinning

The vase or pot is not always in the mini or small size. At the other side, we could decorate your large pots to make it into the best look. The decoration that we would apply to the large pot is the simplest way to do. This one using the shining pot that could glow in the dark when you turn the light on. Only using it, the result ending would perfectly beautiful in the night.

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