Pleasing Apartment with Various Stunning Look

White is always playful that it could be mixing with any kind of furniture or colors. Combining with the grey color is a good way to show up your interior design. this time, the grey color applied for sofa, armchair, square carpet and curtain. Decorating your plain wall could be using the several pictures framed hanging up there. The triangle pattern of laminate wood help the apartment looks stunning even only use two colors.

Apartment with Minimalist Style with Traditional French with Scandinavian Aesthetic

Having the narrow space for housing space is the challenging part. It takes a right and good plan to design the house interior.  Here, come the apartment that using two floor. The first floor for dinning and kitchen while the staircase applied the wooden laminate as the material. At the other side, the backsplash of the kitchen is on the black color that similar with the fence for the upstairs as the protector on the second floor.

Attractive Look for Apartment with Two Floor

There is a beautiful apartment design in pink purple color that applied to all furniture living space there. While the floor is using the dark grey color and the wall using the grey light color. The long sofa, the single sofa and large square bench are applied the bold pink purple with tassel for each sofa around the below edge. The creamy fur rug with square pattern carpet is suitable for the three square small table. At the other side, you can have the directly to the balcony by having the sliding large windows that could be functioning as the door.

Chic Berlin Style Apartment

Interior Apartment with Outstanding Concept

Enough space for the apartment that require some living space is the important thing to divide rightly. The white apartment that could make the sense of wider space is the right color to apply. The white sectional sofa with the large painting wall decor with some cushion in different color and size. While at the other side, the glass transparent sliding door would be applied as the room divider to the another living space. the track lighting that along the living room is the best way to give the enough lighting for the entire room.

Current Apartment with Fresh Look

Limited space for apartment could be done with stylish design interior. The glass transparent sliding door always the best way to decorate your apartment look wider. The wall color paint in grey color suitable with the long sofa and the bench there. While at the other side, the upper shelf with floating desk match with the TV there and the grey carpet with laminate wooden floor.

Limited Space for Modern Apartment with Stylish Interior

Chic Look for Your Daily Apartment Inspiration

This time, the redesigned apartment appear with the stunning look. The minimalist apartment that using the white wall with the hanging bike on there. At the other side, there is large white windows with the long thick sofa piece with single pillow. While, the book shelf is under the large windows with the grey color carpet and smaller size blue fur rug above the small white circle table. The minimalist sofa in simple green pastel color makes the ending look so stunning.

Small Apartment Renovated with Minimalist Look

The other one of the apartment ideas for kitchen, dinning room and living room at once. The kitchen there is using the white color for the countertop and backsplash in simple design. while, the refrigerator at the corner is the blue one that makes this apartment eye-catching. In the middle, the simple rounded dinning table get one set with the transparent  chair. Then, at the other side the sliding black transparent door suitable with the living room by using the rounded table wooden.

Stunning Narrow Apartment with Current Design