Prairie Style Architecture for Wood Contemporary House Decoration

Actually, this house has been through so many times renovation during the rehabilitation process that initially designed by an architect in the 60s. This time, the house is handled bu Open Form Architecture with firm FX Studio. There is a name for this one called The Du Tour Residence and located in Montreal, Canada. The interior house using the clad wood for the high headboard with the statement wall in geometric decoration for the bed space. the placement of this bed in the middle of the space where you can have two sides between the bed.

Bedroom with Wooden Wall Statement

When you this house from the outside angle, the exterior looks strongly connected with nature around. At the picture above, the extra space that comes as the terrace appears with the dark tiles floor with the single white lounge there without the roof. While, the indoor and outdoor house is using transparent walls windows that could make this house looks stunning from the outside.

House with Several Terrace in Stunning Look Outdoor

Remodeling Wooden House Design in Prairie Style Architecture

Almost all of this house interior is using the white color theme. The living room there using the simple furniture where the orange color twin armchair furniture decorating the space. the grey elongated sofa with the simple table on the brown abstract carpet looks stunning. The glazing also completes this living room that would make the space looks stand out.

Interior House with White Color Theme

There is an open layout space that designing in a beautiful way by the architect. The living room with the dinning area in a spacious place fills out this wooden space. the open layout where the architect using the wooden layout as the roof without walls there. Then, some spotlights complete this stunning place in a minimalist way.

Open Layout with Jacuzzi Look

The Stunning Prairie House Architecture with Wooden Design

Another inside living room that also designed in wider space coming with a comfy look. The one set package of white sofa furniture with the grey carpet on the white tile floor. The bookshelves almost dominating the white walls and the wooden deck under the TV also highlighted this living room.

Spacious Living in Simple Design

The extension outside space designing in a beautiful way that has a similar style with the Javanese house. The terrace coming with the northeast overlooks with the small stream and the greenery around the space. the use of the white floor with the wooden roof and some spotlights makes the ending look so beautiful from the outside.

The Original Paire Style with Wooden Design Just Like Javanese House Type

Even though this house has been through so many times remodeling, the latest architect got the challenge to keep the character of the house and the originality of this residence for the first time. Then, the architect only completed this house by highlighting the ‘prairie style’ with the use of natural wood there. The outside special look of this residence is the presence of the different level greenery ground around the house.

Wood Contemporary House Decoration with Prairie Style Architecture

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