Proudly Mirror Furniture in Various Eye-Catchy Design

Living up your living space is more important to impress your own works for taking the decoration. The great design of using mirror as your decorating tools is perfectly chosen. The huge mirror wall in simple design would lovely to see right at your entry way in your house. People would love to see their reflection when they first step in your house. The mirror that designed special for welcoming people.

Beautiful Entry Ways with Huge Mirror in Monochrome

The special thing about mirror is you can play to decorate the mirror it self as the furniture to beautify your living space. The mirror is not always clearly to see our reflection in there, but it could be in faded mirror type. This kind of mirror would suitable to put in your bathroom. The faded mirror that match with every kind of your color theme living space.

Faded Mirror Wall Design Ideas Bathroom

The Special Look for Each Mirror Decoration

Always interesting to play with mirror to decorate your living room. the mirror that could be customized with our own needs. The circle mirror with different size would so lovely to see at your watt with the desk under them. the various circle mirrors is wonderful to see as well you got the eye-catching living decoration idea.

Fresh Circle Mirror Wall Design Ideas

The function of the mirror as the furniture actually not only for dressing room, but it could be the addition to decorate your wall in your living space. This time the rounded mirror with the wooden thick edge would be suitable to enrich look at your wall. The mirror could be mixed with the long desk with several accessories such as vase and several cushions on there.

Rustic Look for Mirror Furniture with Rounded Wooden Design Idea

Mirror Wall Design in Cool Ideas

The use of mirror could be divided in some patter. Just like this one, the square pattern mirror in one frame of wall decoration. There will be several spot on the mirror that it were the junction of separated mirror meet in one point. The wall mirror decoration with the addition of desk and vase with two of lamps there.

Square Pattern Mirror Wall Decoration

Another example for mirror wall decoration with divided pieces is out now. The wall mirror that have four parts that double the same for each. The double first is in the large size then the rest double is in medium size. The mirror that using the wooden as the material object for the framing edge for each mirror. The golden color from the wood makes the ending result of the wall mirror decoration looks luxurious in classic look.

Welcoming Wall with Four Wooden Square Mirror Edge

This one kind of mirror wall design would blow your mind at once. The mirror that designed by randomly pieces of thick wood with the flat surface for joined with mirror. The wall decoration that is classic yet glamorous ending look. This design is very attractive to make your living space amazing.

Wood Pieces Mirror Wonderful Wall Decoration