Prudential’s Los Angeles Office: A Serene and Comfortable Workspace with Sophisticated Details

RMW Architecture and Interiors was in charge of designing Prudential office in Los Angeles. The design’s aim is to re-imagining the office’s historic brand for its Los Angeles workspace. The office is inspired by a form of visual connection between the Santa Monica coast and Angeles Natural Forest in Los Angeles.

rmw's prudential office in la

The design team wanted to bring in the look and the feel of the coast and the natural forest into this 9,190-square-foot, v-shaped office, in hopes that it will bring a more comfortable and serene working environment.

the look and the feel of visual connection in LA

Coming with sophisticated detail, this 8th-floor Century City space showcases the result of extensive programming. It also embraces a comfortable and serene interpretation of the brand within the context of Los Angeles.

sophisticated details in Prudential's LA office

In this project, RMW also took part in the art and plant consultation for the office. Natural light is enhanced by intermediate glass fins between the conference rooms and office spaces. Every space is highlighted by fluted walls and brass accents.

inclusive of art and plant

At the center, there are curved accents to soften up the connecting point. The accents are used to create an inviting lounge for casual collaboration. There’s also an adjacent break room to connect the suite and unify the design, enhancing the regenerating workplace experience.

prudential's curved accent