Recent House with Moody Color Lines Architecture Works of Art

Located in a small plot on a slope with outstanding panoramic views of the surroundings is all about this fresh-built house. This one created by Moldovan Studio Line Architects that all spaces of the building flowing full of the objects of art. The house that could be turn as the museum works of art in modern type. The exterior house done with white color and timber screen for the balcony protector.

Contemporary House Exterior in White

The interior of this house done with the abstract decor to impress the guests and the residents. At the picture above, the furniture is upholstered with some leather and fabric that applied calm colors such as black, grey and brown orange. The white ceiling and grey wall with one other wooden walls give the stunning ending result of the interior decoration.

Furniture with Upholstered Leather Looks Chic

Unbelievable, Museum and House in One Package of Modern Architecture Residence

This are another look for the modern living room that using the large sectional grey dark sofa in black and brown light color. the sectional sofa that shaped a large L with some round tables there. The smooth grey green carpet give the stunning look with some colored cushions. There is an open half ceiling at this living room that gives the bright look for particular side.

Gorgeous Living Space in Dark and Brown Color Theme

Now, the outside view that would shocking you. This is the look for the facade with the large balcony on the second floor. The balcony with the timber screen there to give the stunning reflection from the sun light that functioning as the part of the exterior decoration. the white color always win the decor with the gardening around the house.

House Facade with Modern Architecture

Another interior house appear with the aesthetic works of art. The kitchen that designed in dark color theme where the cabinet using the sleek one with the large and over sized kitchen island. There is the breakfast corner with the suspended lamp that using the randomly geometric shape decor in black color. the backsplash is using the mirrored kind of furniture makes the living space looks wider on the laminate wooden floor.

Kitchen with Dark Sleek Cabinet and Suspended Lamps

Awesome Works of Art in House Architecture in Modern Design

The master bedroom coming with the monochrome color theme yet the wooden part is still use here. The laminate wooden floor with the one side walls while the other one is the black shade wall. The large windows give the natural lighting inside this bedroom. Some spot lights give the minimalist effect while the single standing lamp at the corner complete this white bed with the large framed bed in black color.

Master Bedroom with Dark Theme and Conceal Storage Glazed Wall

Coming with the last picture, the gorgeous look of this building has the single over large of swimming pool. The one that has the extra space outdoor done in wooden floor. Then, there is single works of art standing at the corner as the result of contemporary arts decorating this outdoor view. The presence of large swimming pool give the extra look for this enchanted building architecture with some greenery around the house.

Recent House with Moody Color Lines Architecture