Recent Modular House Ideas with Wooden Architecture

As located in Mulga, Turkey. This house specially designed by PIN Architects and features with reclaimed wood with modern design and functional layout. This house coming with the minimalist interior for bedroom. As you can see there, the interior spaces are extra inviting that exposed concrete and neutral colors that gives comfortable and provide a beautiful art of design. the bedroom using the wood as the material and the sliding open glass transparent give an extra decoration there.

Bedroom with Faux Animal Skin and Small Balcony Design

At the front side of the house, you will see the extra outdoor space there. The outdoor side with the extra roof and floor. There are several potted plants to decorate the outside view to get the fresh air around you. The furniture that use for this place is the simple wooden bench and table. The presence of gold lights on the roof makes the open glass sliding wall give the stunning reflection there.

Extended Outdoor for Dinning Space with Awesome Look

Wooden Modular Architecture in Contemporary Design

When you this house from different angle, you will see the surrounding of the house not even give any privacy into the wood. This house simply done with flat roof and some side that randomly have the different height. The edge of the house is using the high floating building there with the presence of balcony. Mostly, this house done in white color and give an beautiful view that blend stunning with nature behind this house.

Gorgeous Lnadscape for Modern House with Modular Wood Architecture

The unique look appear in this kitchen design. the kitchen coming with industrial look interior decoration. at the picture above, you see the kitchen cabinet coming with the floating wooden desk, for replacing the function of countertop. While the lighting coming with the track lamps on the roof and some of them on the wall. The rest kitchen cabinet, using the grey color that suitable for grey flooring and the transparent glass wall decoration.

Grey Industrial Kitchen Design Architecture

Another look for this modular house interior is the use of grey dark pale wooden wall. The presence of transparent glass wall with black edge framing look stunning with the simple white curtains. The classic living room furniture set in white increasing the cozy sensation for this minimalist interior house.

Interior House with Clad Reclaimed Wood Rattan Furniture

Perfect Architecture for Modular House

The smart way to decorate this stunning living space coming with the grey color theme. The track light for double side on the white roof give the beautiful effect in the dark. The simple sectional sofa complete with the black bench and some chairs there. The classy with casual fireplace makes the look so comfortable with the transparent open glass windows and some potted plants.

Living Room with Stunning Design Sectional Sofa and Open Wall Glass

This house has the goal for everything is meant to be simple but always long lasting vibe. The presence of transparent wall windows let a lot of natural light expose the interior space and the surrounding beautifully amazing. This residence absolutely makes your beloved people won’t leave this house.

Recent Modular House with Wooden Architecture