Red and White Look for Recent Residence with Dramatic Architecture

This residence appear with the awesome example of current architecture that located in Lima, Peru and created by Metropolis Design. almost the whole part of this house are applied the white color with some red accent for some part. The exterior of this house is not less attractive than the interior. There, you will find the gray wall classy exterior decoration that beautify this house.

Contemporary Residence with Outstanding Architecture

When you move into the interior part of this house, the open space in the middle of this house would shocking your sight. The open space with the large size and soil flooring is the best way to have a private garden inside your house. By this way, you will easy to control your children playing outdoor feel but inside the house. The large red wall is the best way that working as the indicator of the place. While, the second floor is closed with the transparent glass wall to divide the open space.

Gorgeous Red and White Interior Look

Becoming Trend with Two Colors Contemporary Attractive House Architecture

At the other side of this house, you will find the outdoor swimming pool with the unique architecture. The swimming pool that framed in red color, while there is elongated red sofa at the other side. This place lies on the white tile flooring with an open half ceiling there. The beautiful view would be yours when you were swimming with the greenery sight right in front of you.

Outdoor Design for Dramatic Residence Architecture

This residence done with futuristic look that receive for some part curves side. As you can see at the picture above, there is a single large rounded dark grey wall that designing for the exterior needs. Then, the white spot lights are brighten up that side with the small stairs at the other side. This architecture is unique with the ideas of framing the view.

Outstanding Residence using Red and White Scheme Architecture

Dramatic Architecture for Modern House Red and White

The main goal for this house architecture is coming with framing the view of the beach and the islands that found in front of this residence. You can see from the outdoor view, that the interior patio is developed on a lower side where the recent furniture is chosen there. By this architecture, the unusual look would be yours in the right time.

Red and White Look for Recent Residence with Dramatic Architecture

This house perfectly in minimalist design with two colored theme colors. The interior furniture of this house done with the bright red furniture in simple type. The sectional sofa with the double square benches and the single rectangular transparent glass table on the white tile flooring are the best combination. While the transparent glass wall met with the grey motive pattern exterior house complete this wonderful house architecture.

Spacious Interior Decoration

Another side to see an open space in the middle of this residence could be done with the simple design. coming with the minimalist staircase with the small spotted holder on the one side of the wall that connect to another floor. This open space could makes your white interior beautiful even without ceiling or roof as the complete part to decorate it.

Stunning Interior for Modern Architecture