Remodel House of 1961 with Modern Architecture for Archibeck Residence

Coming with the house of 1961 that build by Mossman and Gladden. This house is the result of remodel by Jon Anderson Architecture that already won many awards through years. To enhance the architectural integrity of this mid-century contemporary house is the goal of remodeling the house. The white and grey colors theme dominated this house beautifully with the flat simple yard and garden with the single high large tree in the front side.

Adorable Look for Modern Remodel House Architecture

This house appear with minimalist yet still mid-century look for the interior. The living space designed in simple way with the use of reddish wooden wall that functioning as the TV stand and storage built in at the same time. The classy grey sofa with white oval table on the grey carpet makes the view looks so match and stunning, while, at the other side, the open windows wall enrich this living room to give the nature look from the inside.

Classy Look for Remodeling Space Design

1961 Remodel House Architecture in Current Look

There is a beautiful view from the outside of this house. The white grey blocks stone decorating the exterior with the greenery grass around the wall. At the other side, there is a square water gush as the exterior decoration with some light in it. This exterior house beautiful done by the help of presence white lighting on the blocks flooring.

Enough Lighting for Exterior Design

Another look for the living space interior done with an half open windows glass transparent with the some spot lights on the roof. At the other side, there is a single elongated wooden desk that functioning as the house office with the several white chairs. This side, provide you the directly nature outside view from your seat.

Living Space with Adorable Classy Look

This house interior was remodel while the house exterior was expanded to give the large canopy. The combination of modern exterior design is stunning with the presence of the pool. The spot lights on canopy already giving the gorgeous effect there. It is right to give some lights for each side of the exterior house.

Outdoor Pool Space with Stunning Design

Archibeck Residence in Contemporary Remodel Architecture

The canopy side coming with the outdoor built in fireplace with some small garden for stairs type. The twin staircase enrich the modern exterior look there.  This place could functioning as the best way to make the transit before you go to the pool. The enough space makes you move easily there.

Outstanding White Exterior House

The residence already become the best place to live somewhere in between interior and exterior design that result in glazing and comfortable eco-friendly terraces. To highlight this house, Jon makes the main entry way done with some lights  to give the dramatic look between the front side garden. The roof was removed and the flat roof appear in minimalist look for the North and South sides of the house.

Remodel House of 1961 with Modern Architecture