Remodeling Very Old House by Feldman Modern Architecture

The one and only of very old years of house. Located in San Francisc’s Bernal Height and built in 1860’s. This cottage finally has been repaired by the Feldman Architecture that turn into a bigger with touch of modernity. At the picture above, the house was remodeled into the fresh one with contemporary look. The brick stone wall in dark color give the bright side of the house for an open roof there. The minimalist living room with the simple white and black furniture always mesmerizing.

Adorable Remodeling Old House

During remodeling, there are several room added into this cottage. Studio office is one of the addition. The faux animal carpet on the laminate wooden floor. While, for the white plain wall, you will find the picture framed lean on the wall with the wooden table and simple chair. At the other side, there is black medium size of the book shelve that could be reach only using the ladder.

Contemporary Look for Old House Remodel

Here come the dinning space with the thick wooden dine table and some transparent chairs. There are two white unique pendant lamps that could beautifully give the nice reflection through the sliding glass transparent door. While, the dark tile floor give the stunning look into the space. the presence of wooden part as the material coming with the kitchen cabinet part that gives the space beside the dinning space.

Current Way to Remodel Old House

Feldman Architecture with Current Look for Old House

When you see the ground floor, you will find the home office design in minimalist look. There, the large book shelve continue from the bottom until the upper floor. The black tile floor suitable with the white table office and the yellow chair give the stunning decoration. while the large windows there give the outdoor view directly from your seat.

Fresh Remodel for Old House

This bed space appear with the various neutral color such as navy, red and some creamy color there. The laminate wooden floor suitable with the small classy carpet in the white color paint roof and walls. The several motive pillow looks stunning with the presence of unique night stand in red. Some picture frames decorating the headboard with some bright lighting inside through the windows.

House with Fresh Remodel Look

Old House Turn Into Contemporary Architecture

As you can see at the picture above, the use of rough stone brick walls give the clear look for the floating desk kitchen cabinet. The white color still win this kitchen look with the help of wooden presence. This modern kitchen done in simple way with some spot lights above the kitchen cabinet.

Minimalist Remodel Very Old House

This contemporary cottage, appear with rustic charm of the old house which has everything to be use for getting the comfortable life inside. The use of mixing stones and rough wood with the transparent glass and metal material are the best combination to get the stylish look yet cozy. As you can see above, there are some large windows that use a lot to give the outdoor view and sun lighting inside the house.

Remodeling Very Old House by Feldman Modern Architecture

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