Remote Landscape for Prefab Minimod Curucaca Cabin House Architecture in Brazilian Forest

This time, the little prefab cabin has the recent design for housing architecture that perfectly fit on nature environment. At the picture above, the cabin is located in Brazil that built by Architecture studio MAPA. The interior of this cabin done in creamy wooden walls and roof within the laminate wooden for the floor. The living room done with the grey simple sofa with the transparent glass wall design that would connect you directly to the outside view.

Beautiful Glazed Wall Design

As you can see at the picture, the cabin house would always done in simple design. this bed cabin don’t need much furniture interior to beautify the space. only using the main furniture, this bedroom absolutely comfortable to use. The simple white bed with standing lamp and some dried potted plant at the corner to complete. The large sliding door transparent window is beautiful to get you directly to the outdoor.

Bedroom coming with Comfy and Stunning Windows

Wooden Cabin Architecture in Remote Landscape Brazilian Forest

When you see this house from the inside the woodlands, this cabin would absolutely blend within the nature. The use of black color that framed this cabin makes the house are similar to see in the middle of woodlands. This cabin is clad with black panels and the roof is grassy to give the outstanding nature look there.

Cabin Look in the Forest House Architecture

Another interior look in this house is the laconic and black accents that added into this house interior to give the dramatic and contrast look in decoration. this time, the dinning set in simple wooden armchair with white rounded dine table. While the kitchen done in black color for the inner side of kitchen cabinet.

Interior House done with Laconic Design

This house interior coming with light stained wood and ply wood for walls, roof and the floor. Almost all part of this house is using the glass transparent wall and sliding door type. By use this, you will able to see the nature outside view directly from your inner house. The modern small fireplace with the single bench on the small white carpet and large wooden book shelve are the best combination.

Living Room done with Light Plywood Decor

Adorable Look for Cabin Wood Prefab House Architecture

There is the narrow desk or you might could say as balcony at the outside. This desk could as the place for you if you want to seat and enjoy the view. All the transparent glass sliding door could be open when you want the fresh air come inside the house.

Narrow Desk Outside Complete the Exterior

This cabin located in remote landscape in Brazilian forest and the exterior done in dark scheme color to merge with surrounding nature. This residence is minimalist with one storey volume to give the compact and efficient design exterior to enhances the surroundings nature look. The dark wooden chosen to give the nature combination from the cabin house within the nature environment.

Remote Landscape for Prefab Minimod Curucaca Cabin House Architecture in Brazilian Forest