Renovated and Extended Architecture with Elegant Modern for Historical House

This house was created in 1907 and now extended and remodeling into the fresh out one now. A cubic volume with large windows that applied the 20th-century home in the city to add space and bring natural light inside the house. The Portland architecture firm Beebe Skidmore beautifully throughout this renovated residence. The kitchen that designed specially with a series of openings and windows to fill up the inside with the natural light.

A Series of Openings and Windows in the Kitchen

On the top of the floor, there is bathroom with the dark color theme. The brick wall style throughout the bathroom with an open large windows for view from up there. There are twin white pendant lamp with the single white bathtub on the laminate wooden floor. The classy carpet enrich the look for this minimalist bathroom.

An Open Bathroom with Windows for Views

Remodeling of House 1907 with Modern Architecture

Inside this house, an open layout help to maximize the space, for purpose got much nature light and stunning decoration living space. this time, the kitchen, dinning room, living space are not divided by any particular room divider. This space only organizing the interior neatly so the crowded space still have some extra space in one floor room there.

An Open Layout for Natural Light in with Chic Decoration

The minimalist bedroom coming with an open windows that sliding door as the type. The wooden material play an important role for this room. the framing large windows, books shelf,headboard and laminate floor using the same material wood. There is a single potted plant at the corner with the single classic fan on the roof. This bedroom would give you the directly view with nature from the upside.

Bedroom with View Shade to Enjoy the Time

Coming with the kitchen in modern design, the features white cabinet with rich stained countertop and built in appliances there. As you can see at the picture above, an open windows with sliding door help this room filled with natural light. While, the white colored paint beautifully help the space looks wider and comfy at the same time.

Kitchen Cabinet with Rich Countertop Wooden Design

Enchanted Renovated House with Historical Element of Architecture

When you see this house from outside angle, you will find the facade was left untouched as much as possible. The large windows and sliding doors beautifully added some light naturally. This house would looks like industrial one for the exterior in grey color decoration theme. This house bold with white frames encase the big windows with drawing a contrast to the house’s shingles that are painted dark grey with lighter trim design.

Large Windows with some Sliding Doors through Entire House

Actually, this original house coming with sprawling Craftsman-style house that features with decorative woodwork, trim, cross-gabled bays, shingle siding, a brick chimmet and broad open eaves with exposed rathers’ tails. There is orange accent for some part of this house exterior that beautify in simple way. The presence of wooden outdoor staircase enrich the look of this historical house architecture.

Renovated and Extended House with Historic Element Architecture

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