Renovated House with Charming Modern Architecture in Forest Ideas

This time, the Mountain Brook Residence is the name of this home and originally constructed by architect Fritz Woehle in 1963. But now, this house has been renovated by Birmingham-based architecture firm Design Initiative. The interior house using the cool furniture such as bright artworks and some textiles that give the modern decor. The high ceiling with large windows beautify this living room in simple way.

Art with Stylish Look Decorate the House Interior

At the picture above, the furniture chosen with colorful one. The blue sea color for twin armchair sofa and the grey light elongated sofa suitable with the thick transparent glass table on the dark grey carpet laminate wooden floor. The dark TV stand that built in the walls give the bold look with the presence of standing lamp.

Colorful Furniture with Metal Mix

Contemporary Forest House with Attractive Architecture

The house that built in the middle of the forest gives the glazing look that could let everyone enjoy the forest directly from their place. The use of large windows wall without curtain gives the enough light comes through the leaves into the house. There is the extra space with stone flooring that functioning as the balcony at the outside.

House with Glazing View

Another side of this living room has the beautiful decoration for the interior. There are several bold art collection of the owners that display lean on the brick walls. The presence of classy wooden dresser perfectly fit on the marble floor with the armchair sofa at the corner. The frames full on the wall give the decoration in stunning way.

Living Room with Bold Art Collection

Stunning House Forest Architecture that has been Renovated

The modern look would fill this bedroom interior by using the white color as the theme decoration. the master bed space is using serene in neutral and glazed wall that covered with curtain for some privacy. The grey pillow and bed cover give the decoration with the laminate wooden floor. The dark brown wooden for bed frame, floating desk and the headboard looks suitable with the white light color.

Neutral Glazed Bedroom in White

This house has been through renovation that using the modernizing for the interior and improving the circulation. The mid-century in modern, warm-colored wood, bright with some artworks, bold textiles and several unique furniture that would help decorate this house beautifully. This residence looks so suitable placed in the woodlands.

Renovated House with Charming Modern Architecture in Forest

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